0x8007000d the data is invalid

A few weeks back I began seeing this error every time I try to rename or relocate a folder in Windows 7 SP1:


Things I"ve already tried to fix this:

Rerelocate ALL Explorer addins and shell extensions, using AutorunsCreate a new user account (happens tright here, too)Reboot in safe mode (still happens)Rename/move folders on a various drive (happens also as soon as working via folders on a remote netoccupational drive or USB key)Trace the operation via ProcMon (didn"t notification anypoint exciting logged ideal once the rename happens, but would certainly love to learn even more about what interior API"s explorer calls and also exact procedures it takes so I have the right to troubleshoot deeper)sfc /scannowchkdskmiscellaneous dism commandsconfirmed I have Full Control over and also ownership of the folders in questionbinary compare of explorer.exe to that of another Windows 7 machine (it matches)Windows 7 repair (tried that on a sacrificial backup image of the machine and also couldn"t gain the repair to work)

The rename or relocate constantly works on the second attempt, once I hit "Try Again".

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I can rename or move the very same folders from a DOS prompt (cmd.exe) or through an additional regime (e.g. Directory Opus) through no difficulty. I"m fairly certain it"s not an NTFS/index/metainformation worry on my drive itself, as Explorer on an additional computer deserve to rename the folders simply fine once it connects to my machine over the netjob-related. And all sfc, chkdsk, and so on commands pass through no issues. I perform check out the error once I try to rename folders on the remote machine using my computer"s Explorer.

I don"t have any gain back points to revert to. My most current backup that is before this began is from months earlier and I"m not keen to revert earlier to that.

I"m not interested in upgrading this machine to Windows 10. I do not care that Microsoft doesn"t support it anymore (that"s why I"m asking the question right here rather of paying them). I"m additionally not keen to reinstall my OS from scrape (it takes literally months to erected and customize all the software again).

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As a last-ditch effort, I tried a Windows 7 in-place upgrade to repair this installation. Unfortunately that failed via different set of errors (and Microsoft"s Upgrade Advisor tool no much longer works as they broke the URL the software program demands to connect with).

Grateful for any type of ideas to diagnose the cause of this concern. Scalpels wanted over sledgehammers.

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EDIT: There were some presumably unrelated problems reported by sfc /scannow however those have been cleared up and the tool gives a clean outcome currently (they were due to some customizations thorough right here which I made to shellstyle.dll ideal after the OS was initially installed). I execute have some papers in C:WindowswinsxsTempPendingDeletes and also PendingRenames, if that matters.