2100 detection error on hdd

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The modern laptops like the more recent Lenovo IdeaPad series come pre-installed through the SSDs, offering much better speed and performance. However, occasionally while turning on the machine, you may gain SSD error 2100. his is a common SSD error and also deserve to take place due to many type of reasons. One reason being a faulty SSD or the improper installation of the drive-in the M.2 slot. This is a prevalent SSD error and also can occur due to many type of factors. Several customers have actually reported similar errors in the Reddit neighborhood as well.

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I am having an worry with my T420 and a newly acquired Crucial BX100 SSD. I checked Crucial’s website and also it stated the BX100 was compatible via the T420. Later, I mounted it per the Lenovo Maintenance Manual but once I try to boot, it offers me this error message:2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)
If you are likewise troubled by this error, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you deal with SSD error 2100 in Windows computer system.

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How to deal with SSD error 2100

1. Perform a Power Cycle


If the SSD error 2100 began to happen after upgrading your Windows version or BIOS, contact Lenovo support or SSD manufacturer in instance you set up the SSD.The company need to be able to rearea the faulty drive via a new drive. You can likewise request data recoincredibly in case your SSD is bricked and also you are unable to recover any type of information.