3.5 inch hard drive ps4

There are a number of benefits of replacing the internal difficult drive of PS4 with a brand-new, modern-day hard drive that uses larger storage capacity through a much better performance that improves the as a whole user’s gaming endure with their consingle.

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Although a broad selection of users are inclined to expand the storage capacity of PS4 by adding an exterior tough drive that works as an extension to the main mechanism storage of PS4, tright here are still strong reasons that justify going for an interior hard drive replacement rather.

If you desire to review more on a comparikid between replacing/upgrading the inner tough drive of PS4 and also including an exterior difficult drive, please watch this post.

You Need a Compatible Hard Drive

Do you know that not all difficult drives fit for PS4 internal storage upgrade? Tbelow are requirements any difficult drive need to follow in order to be totally compatible with PS4 storage upgrade, which are:

Serial-ATA interface. This is mandatory and any type of drive you pick for the upgrade function must be configured via SATA interchallenge, no issue what generation it is, as lengthy as it connects to the motherboard through SATA cable.2.5-inch form factor. This is likewise mandatory if you’re looking forward to place the brand-new hard drive into PS4 drive cage. Otherwise, you have the right to go for a 3.5-inch form aspect on problem that you usage a one-of-a-kind accessory for that objective called: Data Bank.Maximum 9.5mm thickness. Aobtain, this is mandatory if you’re looking to location the brand-new tough drive right into PS4 drive cage. Otherwise, you have the right to break this standard and usage a documents financial institution to include a various drive.

That’s all you have to encertain in the brand-new difficult drive you pick in order to be fully compatible through PS4 internal hard drive upgrade.

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PS4 Compatible Storage Device Types

There are three forms of inner storage tools in the industry, that are:

Traditional mechanical difficult drive (HDD). It comes in various form determinants varying from 1.8-inch to 3.5-inch. What’s compatible is the 2.5-inch as you know, and it’s the exact same develop element of the drives offered for lappeak computers nowadays. Just make certain the drive is configured with SATA interconfront, not NAS or any other interconfront.

Other storage tool kinds won’t fit for the function of upgrading PS4 difficult drive.

A List of PS4 Compatible HDDs

Here, we pick for you a list that contains 7 of a lot of well-known difficult drives that are completely compatible with PS4 and also fit for the difficult drive upgrade purpose:

PS4 Compatible Hard Drives 2017BrandTypeCapacitySpeed (rpm)CacheThicknessWarranty
Seagate FireCudaSSHD1tb and 2tb5400RPM128mb + 8gb NAND7mm5 Years
Seagate BarracudaHDD1tb and also 2tb5400RPM128mb7mm2 Years
Samsung Seagate Spinallude M9THDD2tb5400RPM32mb9.5mm2 Years
WD New Blue 1TBHDD1tb5400RPM8mb9.5mm2 Years
HGST TravelstarHDD1tb7200RPM32mb9.5mm2 Years
Toshiba NotebookHDD1tb5400RPM8mb8.9mm3 Years
WD Black Performance MobileHDD1tb7200RPM32mb9.5mm5 Years

As have the right to be checked out in the table over, there are a number of PS4 compatible difficult drives that can be a great upgrade for your game consingle. We strongly recommend that you largely emphasis on the cache memory, as it is a significant variable that determines the overall performance of the drive, and also the bigger it is, the strongest the drive is.

Note that these drives are also compatible via PS4 Pro inner hard drive upgrade and PS4 Slim HDD upgrade.


It’s means also straightforward to upgrade PS4 stock hard drive, only if you have whatever ready for this procedure in hand. Regardless the screwdriver and also various other tools used for transporting out this process properly, you’ll require a compatible hard drive that fits for this function.

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It’s much better to avoid additional devices as much as possible, so we don’t recommfinish going for a drive that needs a documents financial institution to fit. Rather, go for a drive that you have the right to straight cram inside PS4 drive cage, and also reap the optimized performance and the bigger capacity it supplies to you and also you family.