3ds micro sd card slot

Nintendo’s New 3DS XL releases in the U.S. on February 13 alongside Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and also The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. The promise of enhanced 3D and also the analog nub may convince world to spend $199.99 per device, however unless they review up on the handhosted, some consumers will be in for 2 surprises. First, there’s no AC adapter inside package. 2nd, the New 3DS XL takes microSD and microSDHC cards, not the SD cards we’ve provided through the 3DS since it debuted in 2011. Yup, you have to buy somepoint else.

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Well possibly. The unit comes via a 4GB card nestled snugly within its microSD slot, yet if you have thoughts of downloading and install retail 3DS games from the eShop, this totally free space will quickly disappear.

Thankfully, buying a microSDHC card is the straightforward component. In reality, the New 3DS XL will certainly accept approximately a 32GB microSDHC card, which is the appropriate dimension for digital downpack crusaders. Inserting it right into the system, but, is the trickier part.

Unfavor the 3DS and 3DS XL, this new model does not have actually an easily obtainable card slot on the exterior. The port is on the bottom, concealed beneath a thin plastic shell organized in place via two tiny screws.

It’s different and unprefer anypoint we’ve checked out on a video game console or handhosted gadget, but don’t worry. After viewing these steps, you’ll realize the procedure is fairly simple.

WARNING: Turn off the New 3DS XL prior to rerelocating its plastic cover and microSD card. To be on the safe side, unplug the system from the AC adapter.

Tip 1: Place your New 3DS XL upside dvery own and also locate the 2 screws


A clean kitchen respond to or desk will perform. If you want to be additional cautious, place a soft towel beneath the system to stop scratching it.

The screws store the plastic firmly in place, helping proccasion both the microSDHC card and battery from falling out.

Tip 2: Get the appropriately sized Phillips head screwdriver


The average Phillips head screwdriver won’t reduced it here. You’ll require something much smaller, most likely in the 0-1 selection. Gently revolve the screwdriver counterclockwise (to the left) to begin loosening the screw, and then repeat the procedure for the other one.

Make certain the screwdriver comfortably fits, and prevent stripping the screw, which will certainly make it rather tougher to loosen and also tighten later on.

Turn each screw numerous times to loosen it. There’s no such thing as loosening also a lot, considering that you cannot rerelocate these screws from the plastic.

Note: a Frearson head screwdriver might likewise job-related, yet usage a Phillips head. Chances are you currently have actually one somewbelow.

Step 3: Gently pop open up the plastic cover


With the screws loosened, make note of the grooves beside each screw on the left and also appropriate sides of the New 3DS XL.

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In the hand-operated, Nintencarry out says utilizing the New 3DS XL stylus to lift the plastic cover upwards. You have the right to do that, however store two things in mind:

Make sure you wedge the stylus all the method into the groove before lifting. Otherwise you may slightly damage the plastic cover.If that doesn’t sound appealing, use your index fingers. Place one finger into each groove and also gently lift the plastic cover upwards, applying equal amounts of force per finger.

When the plastic cover pops upwards, progressively remove it by sliding down. The cover should completely disinteract from the New 3DS XL.


Check out the two washers holding each screw in place. These little bit guys will certainly proccasion those screws from falling out.


Now put the cover somearea safe.

Step 4: Locate the microSD card slot


Should be simple enough, considering you have the right to watch the exceptionally optimal of the 4GB card and also, well, the slot claims microSD. Convenient!

While you’re right here, make note of the battery. It’s unconvinced you’ll ever before have to remove and also relocation it. Leave it alone for now.


To remove the microSD card, area an index finger on height of the card and also push it downwards. Doing this disengeras the card from the slot. Now gently location a fingernail into the groove on optimal of the card and slide it out.

With the 4GB card rerelocated, insert the brand-new card message side up and also then gently push it into the slot. You’ll hear a tiny click. This locks the card in place.


Step 5: Reaffix the plastic cover

Tbelow are two means to carry out this.

With the first method, start attaching the plastic cover by aligning the bottom portion with the game card slot, headphone jack, stylus and also power button. From tright here, slide the cover upwards and the screws will fit right into their grooves.

Now for the second strategy. First area the screws into their slots. Now place both your thumbs on the bottom portion of the cover (one thumb on each side) and gently press downwards.


Keep in mind that once reusing the plastic cover, there’s a possibility you will certainly inadvertently press the power button, thereby turning on the New 3DS XL. Based on our tests, this taken place more making use of the second strategy.

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With the plastic cover in area, use the screwdriver to tighten the screws by turning each one clockwise (to the right). After a few turns they will speak moving. When that happens remove the screwdriver and also emphasis on the remaining screw.