3ds touch screen not working

I got my MH4U-bundle this particular day through New 3DS, after opening it up, the touch screen didnt occupational. I carried it over to Gamesoptimal and also points looked bleak however after calling all across the country, he discovered out that some 3DS's had been reported faulty due to somepoint obtaining stuck under the plastic that holds the house button. After some tinkering, we gained it out and also it functioned. This may be an problem everybody already is aware of, however hopefully those of you who weren't currently wont have to rerevolve your purchased 3DS.

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TL; DR Dirt is underneath the plastic that dwellings the house button, remove with something flat and tough.


I had actually this very same trouble. I referred to as right into support and was around to ship it for repair, then I experienced this threview.

Same difficulty, tbelow was some dirt under the bottom of the display. I managed to use my fingernail to dig around and clear it up and now it's working! MH4U, below I come!

Hopefully it won't, buddy. Be sure to inspect though, Im suprised we even missed it: It makes the plastic bfinish outwards and we didn't notice (nor think anything of it) till we looked at the touch display screen through the "perfect angle".

My MM 3ds is possessed. Touch display just presses the bottom row, and also it presses buttons as soon as im not even poignant it.

So glad I took PTO and also stood in the freezing cold this morning for this.

Have you checked? For a while, I think the dirt/whatever before was pressing down on the bottom row bereason an "OKAY" switch maintained flashing favor something had actually been pressed.

I hope you manage to type it out!

I need to be honest... I had actually no clue what we used, he pulled out some paper-clip prefer point via a V-shaped needle-like peak from his drawer, he tried to get a needle from a neighbouring shop however they unfortunatley didn't have actually one so we had actually to resolve.

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I've been playing Tomodachi Life: Welcome Edition and also MH4U 3-5 times today, turning the 3DS on and also off in between each session. No errors hence much.

Here in Sweden, we have actually 3 years guarantee, so if he destroyed the display he is willing to offer me all the money back, however I'll need to clear up for a constant New 3DS and also a totally free copy of MH4U. I hope that help.

Would tinkering void the warranty? Our difficulties sound precisely the exact same and also I'll be certain to attempt it later on.

I don't know, I personally would certainly argue that the game arrived in this state, you didn't jam that stuff in tright here and also that indicates the keep offered it to you in that problem, tinkering via it is a warranted response imo.

I yet realize that the over discussion possibly wouldn't work-related, so I'd lug it to the store and ask the clerk to do it, that way: the entirety thing will certainly be more in your favour.

It wouldn't occupational at first, however sticking my nail under the display seems to have solved it for now~! It was initially working fine for me, till after I did the device carry ;_;

I had the exact same trouble. what i ended up doing was sliding a postit note underneath the plastic by the house switch. I couple of great swipes and it began working! try that if you're having actually trouble

Can you guys be a little bit even more specific? My friend is having actually this difficulty and I'm trying to aid him number out how to solve it. Maybe a photo or 2 on wright here to slip a sticky note under or something.

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He has the very same trouble wright here tbelow is constant input on the bottom component of the touch display screen near the residence switch and also he sassist it's pretty flush down tbelow and also can't seem to discover wright here specifically to slide a record clip/needle/pin/sticky-note/point in.