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This mod is now deprecated, please go right here instead http://www.vivaworldcup.info/newvegas/mods/62552/?FNV4GB is a tool to load Fallout New Vegas via the Large Address Aware executable flag collection so the entire 4GB Virtual Memory Address Void deserve to be offered by the game. This is helpful as soon as making use of several Mods and Texture Packs.Why usage this tool, as soon as tbelow are 4GB patch tools and also PE Editors you can ask? Well the Steam envelope for the FalloutNV.exe does not toleprice any tampering and also will error out if you modify it that method, so this tool was developed by MonochromeWench to get approximately that limitation.

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It is recommfinished to copy the FNV4GB.exe and also fnv4gb_helper.dll to the New Vegas installation directory. Doing so will certainly permit the tool to work through ENB, SweetFX, FXAA injector and also other such utilities with a minimum of hassle. However it is not necessary (YMMV).Create a shortcut to FNV4GB.exe and also location it on your desktop computer, pin it to your job bar, or copy it to your quick launch bar.First, make certain you have launched the game via the default launcher AT LEAST ONCE after establishing up your graphics alternatives or the regime will NOT attribute appropriately.Make certain Steam is running. Then run FNV4GB.exe as Administrator to launch the game.FNV4GB will immediately pack and execute NVSE if detected.

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If you desire to usage an ENB, SweetFX, or FXAA Injector you should include the adhering to launch options to the shortcut"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FNV4GB.exe" -laaexe .\FalloutNV4GB.exeIf you have actually the English Polish Czech Russian (ENPLCZRU) version of Fallout New Vegas you must add -SteamAppId 22490 to the launch options"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FNV4GB.exe" -SteamAppId 22490If you want to use xinput1_3.dll to add controller assistance then you to include the adhering to launch alternative to the shortcut"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FNV4GB.exe" -extradll xinput1_3.dllYou may integrate launch choices to allow use of multiple attributes.Please visit the Fear and Loathing in New Vegas STEP page for instructions on exactly how to use FNV4GB via Mod Organizer.Install New Vegas Stutter RemoverNew Vegas Stutter RemoverMake sure the NVSR .ini has bFastExit = 1This will proccasion your game from hanging on departure.The .ini is located in the Data\NVSE\Plugins folder with the .dll, after you have run the game at least once via it set up.If you desire to use Fake Full Display then use:OneTweak for Fallout New VegasMonochromeWench - Original AuthorHendricks266 - Bug FixesRoy Batty - Bug Fixes, Steam fixes NMC"s Texture PackNVInteriorsVfinishing Machines of the WastesNuka-Cola EnhancedYUPMod Configuration MenuJIP CCCFOV SliderProject NevadaProject Nevada Extra OptionsA World Of PainA World Of Pain Revisions 1. Does this job-related through NVSE? -----------------------------------YES, it detects and launches NVSE instantly.2. Does this work-related via ENB? ----------------------------------Yes, it works with both the wrapper and injector variation. Wrapper is recommfinished.3. Why doesn"t this job-related via my ENB or SweetFX?---------------------------------------------------------------You haven"t check out the documentation for this tool or for ENB or SweetFX.4. My antivirus states this is a virus/trojan?----------------------------------------------------It is NOT a virus. Please short article in the forum what antivirus you use and also EXACTLY what it is being detected as. I can then submit the routine for white-listing.5. Does this tool job-related with FakeFullscreen?-----------------------------------------------------No, usage OneTweak if you need it.6. This regimen deleted/damaged my game, blew up my computer, eliminated my cat, etc.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No warranty is gave specifically or implied, usage of this software application is AT YOUR OWN RISK. P.S. No it didn"t.

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FNV4GB is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1. Read the consisted of lgpl-2.1.txt for the terms. Source code is contained through the package. Initial binaries compiled utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.