4tb hard drive only shows 2tb

Why Does My 4TB Hard Drive Only Shows 2TB

"I bought a 4TB Western Digital hard drive simply yesterday. However before, the 4TB tough drive just mirrors 2TB on my Windows 10 computer, not showing the full capacity. It"s practically empty, I haven"t put any type of records or anything into it. Does anyone know why this could happen? How deserve to I discover the various other 2TB capacity?"

Many kind of individuals have the difficulty that 4TB or 6TB tough drive only reflects 2TB as soon as checking in the Disk Management. The rest room displays as an unalsituated area. And you can"t develop brand-new partitions via the unallocated room.

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The possible reasons for 4TBdrive not mirroring full capacity:

The difficult drive has been initialized to a wrong partition table - MBR, which only supports a disk much less than 2TB.The hard drive driver or firmware is out of date.Bad sectors make the difficult disk drive unable to read correctly and show the wrong capacity.

Fix 4TB Drive Not Showing Full Capacity by Converting MBR to GPT

There are 2 prevailing styles of the partition table in Windows, MBR and GPT. MBR supports the maximum difficult drive capacity of 2TB, while GPT enables for an extra versatile disk plan of an also larger dimension.

If your disk capacity is bigger than 2TB, but in MBR, you will enrespond to a 4TB hard drive only reflecting 2TB worries. To restore the full capacity, you deserve to convert MBR to GPT in the adhering to 3 means.

Method 1. Convert 4TB MBR Drive to GPT through vivaworldcup.info Partition Master

No issue whether your disk has actually files or not, you have the right to use vivaworldcup.info Partition Master to transform MBR to GPT without any restrictions and data loss. This disk management tool likewise allows you to convert GPT to MBR in vice versa.

Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Downfill vivaworldcup.info partition management tool to convert MBR to GPT with a couple of clicks.

Step 1. Downpack and launch vivaworldcup.info Partition Master on your Windows computer.

Tip 2. Right-click the MBR disk that you want to transform and choose "Convert to GPT".


Step 3. After that, find and click the "Execute 1 Operation" switch on the toolbar and pick "Apply" to begin the convariation. You should restart your device to permit this change.


Method 2. Convert MBR to GPT Using Disk Management

Convert to GPT Disk choice in Disk Management just functions once your disk is empty, or you will certainly check out the Convert to GPT Disk greyed out. If tright here are papers or partitions on the 4TB tough drive, you have to delete all the existing quantities at first. So, earlier up your vital files if necessary.

Step 1. Right-click on the Windows switch, pick "Disk Management".

Tip 2. Find the tough drive mirrors the wrong capacity. Right-click the volumes on the disk and also select "Delete Volume...". If you accidentally deleted a volume in Disk Management, check out just how to recoup lost or deleted difficult disk partition. 

Tip 3. When the difficult drive mirrors as unalsituated space, right-click the disk and also pick "Convert to GPT Disk".


After you properly convert MBR to GPT disk, you will certainly watch the full storage area. Now, you can develop new volumes on the disk to use it correctly. 

Method 3. Convert 4TB Drive Shows 2TB with Diskpart

Same as the Windows Disk Management, Diskcomponent enables you to transform an empty MBR disk to GPT. If you should convert an already partitioned MBR disk, first ago up the file and delete all the partitions.

Tip 1. Press Win+R keys, kind CMD, and also push Get in to open up the command prompt.

Step 2. Type diskpart and also hit Enter. Type the adhering to regulates in order; remember to push Enter after you input each one.

list diskpick disk n (n suggests the drive letter, rearea it with your 4TB drive letter)clean (clear all partitions on the schosen disk)transform gpt

Type Exit when the DiskPart has actually converted the selected disk to GPT format. Go to inspect if the rest of the capacity is restored.

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Fix 4TB Drive Only Shows 2TB by Updating Hard Drive Driver

The outdated difficult drive driver might reason the 4TB drive only reflects 2TB trouble. Follow the actions below to update the driver to the latest version.

Tip 1. Click "Start", type Device Manager, and press "Enter".

Tip 2. Click and also expand "Disk drives". Right-click the tough drive shows the wrong capacity and choose "Update driver".

Step 3. Select "Search instantly for updated driver software". If this stops working, you can manually search for and also install the updated driver software on the main website. 


Fix 4TB Hard Drive Only Showing 2TB by Checking and also Repairing Disk Errors

Bad sectors proccasion the computer system from reading your disk normally and present the wrong capacity. Thus, you must examine and repair partition errors to settle the difficulty. vivaworldcup.info Partition Master deserve to aid you sdeserve to and also repair hard drive errors effortlessly.

Step 1. Open vivaworldcup.info Partition Master on your computer system. Then locate the disk, right-click the partition you desire to inspect, and also select "Check Documents System".


Tip 2. In the Check Data System window, keep the "Try to deal with errors if found" choice schosen and also click "Start".


Step 3. The software application will begin checking your partition file mechanism on your disk. When it has actually completed, click "Finish".


You deserve to additionally run a disk surface test through vivaworldcup.info partition manager to check the physical poor sectors. If the instance is damaging, you may take into consideration replacing a new difficult drive after information backup. 


We"ve extended a number of methods to aid you to solve the 4TB drive just mirrors 2TB in Windows 10. These techniques are suitable for various brands of storage drives, prefer Seagate and WD.

If your tough drive is in MBR and also leads to a 4TB drive not showing complete capacity problem, the most basic method to solve the trouble is utilizing vivaworldcup.info Partition Master to transform MBR to GPT directly, without losing any information. vivaworldcup.info partitioning software program gives full-about solutions to manage and optimize disk partitions to extfinish your computer"s life and capableness.

FAQs About 4TB Drive Not Showing Full Capacity

If you additionally have actually any of the complying with typically asked questions around 4TB difficult drive only showing 2TB, find solutions below.

Why is my tough drive not showing full capacity?

Why does my 4TB tough drive just reflects 2TB? This is largely because the 4TB tough disk is initialized to be MBR, which just supports 2TB hard drive at the majority of. Thus, you have the right to just usage 2TB space, and the remainder capacity is shown as unallocated room. 

Other probable reasons deserve to be virus strike, outdated difficult drive driver, or poor sector errors.

How much usable space is on a 4TB drive?

When you purchase a 4TB drive, you might just obtain 3.6TB usable storage. This is bereason the difficult drive manufacturers sector drives in terms of decimal (base 10) capacity. In decimal notation, one megabyte (MB) is equal to 1,000,000 bytes, one gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1,000,000,000 bytes, and so on.

But the Windows computer reports in binary, this is the difference. For 4TB, simply multiply that by 4 to acquire 3.638 TB of actual available space for Windows.

How do I regain my tough drive to full capacity?

When your difficult drive mirrors the wrong capacity on the computer, you have the right to reclaim the complete capacity by deleting partitions and develop new partitions. Back up your information in development to proccasion data loss.

Step 1. Go to Disk Management on your computer system. Find and right-click the hard drive not mirroring capacity, and choose Delete Volume.

Tip 2. Right-click the unalsituated room on the difficult drive, select the New straightforward volume to create new partitions as you require.

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Step 3. Follow the on-display instructions to create brand-new volumes and also regain the complete capacity.