64gb flash drive only showing 32

I have actually a SanDisk Cruzer 64GB USB that I used a couple weeks earlier to develop a Recovery Disk, and after making use of it I erased every little thing on it so I might save documents for personal use.

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However before as soon as I go to file explorer it shows that the 64GB USB only has actually 32GB of room. It is NOT a FAT32 Format, as I currently tried reformatting to NTFS. When I tried reformatting it verified it can only be reformatted up to 32GB.

Is this a scamera or carry out I have to attempt something different to format it earlier to 64GB.


If you haven"t currently done so. Press Windows Key + R (Run) and also then form diskmgmt.msc and also then click Okay.


After the Disk Manager program tons, click on the Drive associated with your SanDisk flash drive. It can be that you have actually various other partitions on the drive that are not linked via any drive letter.

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You can delete a partition/volume by best clicking it and also picking "Delete Volume"


If tbelow are other partitions on the disk, you"ll need to delete every one of them and then format the drive aobtain.

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answered Jan 21 "19 at 8:11

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