7 days to die corrupted save pc

I"m certain I"m not the initially to write-up about player files acquiring corrupted, so please forgive me if it"s been extended before.

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Without going into a ton of information, every new game I begin eventually ends up crashing multiple times till the player data paper gets corrupted. Everypoint I"ve done in the civilization (base building and devices in inventory) reprimary undamaged, yet all of my player progression is wiped clean.


My idea is, it would really be advantageous if 7D2D did steady saves so you can revert to a functioning copy of the world. Presently the backup conserves are made at the precise same time that the original conserve is done. If the original save is corrupt, so is the backup. At that allude, the backup serves no advantageous function... unless I"m missing somepoint.



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Posted August 5, 2019


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Posted August 5, 2019

1. Fix your concern via it crashing. That"s your actual trouble.

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2. This is a Voxel game wbelow information is constantly being updated to thousands of files. This isn"t favor your various other 2D games wright here it"s just some static data that can be conserved quick, and only supplies a few megabytes of area. Creating a continuous backup of your game would need a number of hundred gigabytes of drive area. It"s sindicate not reasonable to execute steady conserves, or have multiple save variation when one conserve can consist of a number of thousand also documents taking up 3 to 30 GB each.


Key documents have actually a backup version, and also if you crash you can relocation the primary via the backup before starting the game up aobtain. If you start it without percreating this action though, you just killed the backup.


If you inspect the Sticky FAQ, tright here is a short article consisting of an approach that can perhaps save you. Tright here is likewise a threview right here in this section simply a few articles below via indevelopment on just how to maybe deal with the corrupted data.

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Player files constantly obtaining corrupted

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