7 days to die how to repair

Survager hregarding you massive upday for his initially mod “Rejob-related Repair Weapons“.

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He is exceptionally confused that the details of weapons and devices are now offered just to produce these things.

Now you will require these items to repair weapons and tools!

He was likewise confused by the truth that a character could magically learn exactly how to develop facility tools and tools sindicate by purchasing a ability level.

Now, in order to learn exactly how to make weapons or devices, you will certainly have to discover these items and research them!

In addition, in order to develop weapons and tools of a higher level, you will certainly additionally have to learn this by better studying these items.

Now, by purchasing skills, you will not have the ability to learn how to make complicated tools or facility devices. The remainder of the abilities remajor the very same.

It also bothers him that a straightforward repair kit is used to repair complicated points, such as machine weapons, a drill and also a chainobserved.

The uselessness of parts of weapons and devices is specifically visible at the finish of the game, as soon as we already have actually top-finish items.

He determined to change this a bit.

Now, to repair tools and also complex devices, you require not a straightforward repair kit, however parts of these items.


List of Changes

To repair facility weapons, you require the parts of this weapon.Repairing complex tools requires the components of these devices.Repairing rag armor calls for duct tape.Repairing Leather Armor requires leather.Depfinishing on the top quality of the item, repairs will call for a various amount of sources.The variety of weapon components and also devices in the loot has been enhanced.Increased the variety of weapon and tool parts in yellow bags dropped from zombiesBy purchasing skill levels, you cannot learn just how to make complicated weapons and devices, or enhance the top quality of the items being produced.In order to learn exactly how to make some sort of facility weapon or tool, or learn how to make this item of better quality, you will must research this item at the workbench. To perform this, you require the item itself, the details of the item, paper and adhesive tape.Auto Turrets and also Shotgun Turrets deserve to just be explored utilizing a schematic.Old weapon and tool schematics have actually been removed from loot and also sale.Added brand-new publications to research items and also enhance the high quality of items crafted.Added broken weapon and also tool variants to the game. Such items can be supplied until they break, however they cannot be repaired. Such items you deserve to either be offered incredibly cheaply or damaged for parts.As a search reward, the player deserve to get a number of damaged weapons or tools rather of one.Only the initially level schematics of complex weapons and devices can be bought from the merchant. To learn how to make weapons and also tools of a greater level, you have to research these subjects and also create brand-new schemes.

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v1.5:Added a Drafting Table (Survager had actually to take this step, as the schemes cluttered the list of recipes in the workbench.) For the Drawing Table design, MANY THANKS to an excellent perboy via the nickname iDizor.At sellers and at places, in places wbelow a workbench supplied to come across, it will certainly currently periodically be possible to fulfill a Drawing Table.The Drafting Table plan can be purchased from a merchant, discovered in loot, or in damaged workbenches.Added summary for Drafting Table in recipe list and notesAll recipes for weapon and tool schemes have actually been moved to the Drafting TableChanged some recipes for weapon and also tool schemes. Now, in order to produce a scheme for the following tier, either the system of the 6th level of the previous tier or the subject being stupassed away is compelled. Example: Tier 1 revolver schematic now has actually two recipes. The first recipe supplies a level 6 pistol scheme, while the second recipe calls for a revolver.Increased the number of weapon components and also devices in lootIncreased the opportunity of loot components of tools and also toolsFixed English localizationReduced the top quality of weapons and also tools that will certainly be uncovered in loot or in the merchant’s sale. Tier 1 items – maximum high quality 3. Tier 2 items – maximum top quality 2. Tier 3 items – maximum quality 1.v1.4:Fixed the wrong level scheme was used to produce a pistol schemeReduced the variety of components that are compelled to examine the subjectTo develop a greater rank weapon / tool schema, a level 6 weapon / tool schema of the previous rank is forced. Now, to examine the height tools, you will should totally research the straightforward tools.v1.3:Rerelocated the rise in the crafting level of rocket launchers, currently you have the right to improve the top quality of the produced rectometers just via the help of unique books.Fixed english localization.


This deserve to greatly readjust your technique to survival.

You will certainly think about whether to market this rifle or much better to break it.

Is it worth it to usage a drill / chainobserved currently, or is it better to usage an ax / pickaxe, since tright here are no components for repair.

It may take place that your favorite weapon becomes unusable, and also even the dealer ssuggest does not have repair parts. In this instance, you will certainly need to buy expensive tools or tools from the vendor in order to break them in order to obtain components for repair or to learn this items.

To compensate for the complexity of the repair, the destruction of the readjusted items is decreased by 2 times.

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Because complicated weapons and devices require components from these items to learn, the number of components in the loot has actually been slightly raised.


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