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Iron Gloves have the right to be crafted after discovering the recipe from the Iron Gloves Schematic

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Clopoint and gear carry out more than just make a fashion statement in 7 Days to Die, it protects the player from damage and also deserve to even have various other functions. Some garments have the right to be crafted, while various other items can just be found while looting. The level of security often counts on the material that the clothing consists of.

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Note: This short article includes indevelopment from version 9.3. If tright here are changes in future versions, the post will be updated to reflect those alters.

Categories of Clothing

Categories of apparel are grouped based upon the area of the body that they defend. They have the right to be viewed on the character tab on your in-game menu. This tab lists salso categories, however tbelow is not presently any type of equipment available to protect two of these locations.


There character tab found in the in-game menu

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Each location of the body has numerous clothes choices that include a level of protection to that particular part of the body. You are many likely to be struck in the head or chest, which provides including solid protective gear to these areas necessary. It is also essential to have protection on your legs, which have the right to help proccasion a sprained or damaged leg.

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Areas for Protective Clothing:

HeadChestHandsLegsFeetEyes (Not Added)Face (Not Added)

Clothing Attributes

In 7 Days to Die, zombies are only among lurking threats that deserve to reason damage, injury and even death.

Other players have the right to cause damage utilizing guns and melee attacks.A autumn deserve to lead to leg injury or prompt death.Dynamite, Mines, Cars, Oil Barrels, and Fuel Pumps explode.Wood Spikes, Barbed Wire, and also Wood Log Spikes have the right to be laying in wait.

Protective gear reduces the damages that have the right to be inflicted by five feasible risks. This security is provided as a percent of the damages that is prevented by wearing the equipment. The stats for each garments item can be seen in-game by hovering over the item through your mouse or by equipping the item in the Character Tab.

Possible Hazards:


Protective Headgear

There are even more alternatives to protect your head than any type of various other part of your body.

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Other Protective Gear

There are 3 forms of garments that deserve to be equipped to the various other 4 locations. The defense provided is based upon the product used to craft the clothes. Clothing crafted through cloth provides the leastern amount of defense, but have the right to be crafted at an early stage in the game. Leather clothes provides more security than the towel gear, but calls for finding the Leather Tanning book. The ideal apparel is made making use of iron, but sometimes likewise includes leather. Each item requires finding schematics and the capacity to build iron.