A button not working xbox one

There’s a certain of Xbox One reports with users claiming that the Home button is unexpectedly not working, even once the controller is associated to the consingle. While some users are reporting that the problem is developing on and off, others say that the home switch is no longer working. As it turns out, the issue appears to be emerging via both wiremuch less controllers and also controllers linked by means of USB cable.

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Xbox Home Button not working on Xbox One controller

What’s resulting in the Home button to soptimal functioning on Xbox One?

We investigated this particular issue by looking at various user reports and by testing out the different repair tactics that are commonly recommended by various other influenced users. As it transforms out, numerous different scenarios might finish up causing this behavior. Here’s a list of potential culprits that can be responsible:

Outdated Controller driver – In many situations, a controller driver inconsistency is what’s inevitably inhibiting the functionality of the home button. As it turns out, Microsoft has actually developed this difficulty via a negative controller update initially and has considering that readdressed it through a hotsolve. To take benefit of the hotdeal with and resolve the worry, you’ll must install the latest controller driver (either directly via consingle or by utilizing Xbox Accessories app).Firmware glitch – As some customers have reported, this specific problem can also happen as a result of an underlying software application glitch. If this scenario is applicable, you have to have the ability to deal with the issue by perdeveloping a power-cycling procedure qualified of draining the power capacitors.

If you’re currently struggling to settle this error message, this write-up will carry out you through numerous troubleshooting guides that were recommfinished by various other influenced customers. Down below, you’ll uncover a collection of potential fixes that are evidenced to be reliable by at least one affected user.

If you want to reprimary as effective as possible, we encourage you to follow the techniques below in the same order that we arranged them in – by performance and difficulty. Eventually, you should stumble upon a resolve that will deal with the problem regardless of the culprit that’s resulting in the trouble.

Method 1: Upday Xbox One Controller to Latest version

As it turns out, among the a lot of popular reasons why this particular difficulty is arising is because of a driver inconsistency. A while back Microsoft released a resolve that ended up bring about this difficulty on the majority of Xbox One consoles (Day-One Editions). It took weeks till Microsoft rectified this bad upday through a hotfix, but in reality, not all customers took benefit of it.

This happens because the hotsettle is not included via a firmware update as you’d intend. To override the bad driver and fix the Xbox One Home switch problem, you’ll have to upday the controller software program independently (either directly from the Xbox One console or utilizing a PC).

Follow whichever before guide you feel even more comfortable with:

Updating the controller to the latest variation directly from Xbox One

Turn on your console, make certain you’re signed int your Xbox Live account and encertain that the latest device upday is mounted. To install the latest mechanism update go to System > Settings > System > Updates & downloads. Then, go to the Updates tab and also select the Update available menu (if it’s available). Then, follow the on-screen prompts to install the latest mechanism update if obtainable.
Updating consingle firmware to the latestOnce this procedure is complete, connect your controller to a USB cable and plug into the USB port on your consingle. If you’re not triggered to upday your controller firmware automatically, go to System > Kinect & devices > Device & Accessories and also choose the controller that you desire to upday. Then, navigate to Device Info > Firmware version and also choose Continue.
Controller updating menuFollow the on-display instructions to finish the update, then restart your consingle and view if the headset is not connected properly.

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Updated Xbox One Controller example

Updating the controller utilizing a PC (Windows 10 Only)

If the problem through your Xbox Home switch is so serious that you don’t have actually the implies to upday the controller from your consingle, you deserve to also carry out it utilizing the Xbox Accessories app. Here’s exactly how to do this:

Press Windows vital + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next off, kind “ms-windows-store://home” and push Enter to open up the Microsoft Store.
Opening the Microsoft keep via Run boxOnce you’re inside the Microsoft keep, use the search attribute in the top-right edge of the display screen to search for Xbox Accessories. After you arrive at the correct listing, click on the Get button to downpack the application essential for the controller upday.Downloading an Xbox application from Microsoft StoreAfter you downfill and also install the Xbox Accessories application, open it and also attach your Xbox One controller using a USB cable or an Xbox Wireless Adapter. Important: For this procedure to be successful, you must have the Anniversary Edition update mounted.Once the pairing procedure is complete, you’ll be triggered by a message saying that an update to the controller is forced. When you see this prompt, follow the on-screen instructions to install the upday.
Updating the controller via Xbox AccessoriesAfter the process is finish, disaffix your controller and also pair it ago to your Xbox One consingle to view if the worry is reresolved.

If you’re still having trouble through the residence button while the controller is connected to your Xbox One console, move dvery own to the following strategy listed below.

Method 2: Percreating a difficult reset

If your controller driver was currently updated to the latest variation or the very same issue is still emerging also after you updated, chances are you’re managing an underlying firmware glitch. In instances favor this, you should be able to deal with the concern by removing any type of short-term information that might finish up bring about this issue.

As several users have reported, this procedure has actually a high possibility of reresolving this problem since it will entirely drain the power capacitors, which ends up reresolving the vast majority of firmware glitches.

If you think this scenario could be applicable, follow the quick overview listed below for actions on physically power-cycling your Xbox One console:

With the consingle totally turned on, press and also host the Xbox One power switch (on the front of your console) for 10 secs or more. Don’t release the switch till you watch the front LED starting to flash intermittently.
Perdevelop a hard recollection on Xbox OneWait a full minute or so prior to turning your consingle ago on traditionally (by pressing the power switch on the front of the console).During the start-up sequence, be on a lookout for the startup computer animation – if you’re seeing it, it means that the power-cycling procedure succeeded.

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Xbox One founding animationOnce the boot sequence is finish, open up up your controller aobtain and see if the problem is now reresolved.