A critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine

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normal R1.1
System/Boot Loader/pxe R1/vivaworldcup.infoelopment

Booting a picture through pxe and remote_disk_server stop while in search of /bin/sh in the remote image.I have not yet completely investigate what should be done. I will probably perform some more work-related on that, however probably not before the finish of the year.

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At least, the netboot archive is most likely not properly configured to pack packages from the remote photo.

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In the meantime, ideas and also guidelines are welcome.

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Can we revisit this bug? I have freshly tried this approach of booting and have actually not met with any kind of success. Tright here is a reasonably in-depth conversation of the measures I have actually tried here:


Replying to Alan Searchwell:

Can we revisit this bug? I have actually newly tried this strategy of booting and also have not met via any success. Tbelow is a fairly comprehensive conversation of the procedures I have tried here:

Debugging PXE issues on emulation first would be recommended. For instance: ​http://www.saminiir.com/debugging-pxe-boot/

I have actually mounted VirtualBox and also configured a VM with a empty hard disk to boot from the network-related with a serial port sfinishing output to a record. The VM gets it"s IP deal with from the host"s DHCP server, lots the haiku boot loader and proceeds to boot haiku. I have actually a record of debug output from an attempt to boot a pre PM construct. What perform i do next?

I do not know via VirtualBox, but one have the right to usage gdb via qemu (-s), fill images and also setup breakpoints to inspect registers, memory. Do you acquire the reboot difficulty as on real hardware?

The VM does not reboot. Trying to boot the latest construct I have outcomes in the adhering to message from VirtualBox:

"A important error has vivaworldcup.infoeloped while running the virtual machine and the machine execution has been stopped."

The last line in the linked serial output file is:


Using the last non PM build I have, the boot procedure hung via all the boot icons "lit" and the last line of serial output was:

"error founding "/boot/system/servers/launch_daemon" error = -1"

comment:9 by pulkomandy, 14 months ago

System/Boot Loader → System/Boot Loader/pxe

comment:10 by pulkomandy, 7 months ago

R1 → R1.1

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