Acronis failed to read data from the disk

I have actually a twice-day-to-day backup on my Windows 10 system that has actually started failing via the following error:

Fairesulted in read from sector "18,566,856" of difficult disk "1". Try to repeat the procedure. If the error persists, examine the disk using Check Disk Utility and also develop a backup of the disk. Fairesulted in check out the snapswarm. (0x10C45A) CRC error. (0x100155)

I"ve checked out others in the below via this problem and it appears to be resolved as you would mean -- run chkdsk and also resolve the poor sectors. Unfortunately that didn"t seem to perform anything for me: no poor sectors were found. SMART checks are ok. The disk appears to occupational fine otherwise.

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The disk is an SSD. Does anyone have actually any type of advice? Support has actually run out on my installation, so it seems can not file a assistance situation.

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Brian, welinvolved these User vivaworldcup.infos.

The "failed to read information from disk" deserve to be in any area of the drive in question, so can be in areas that are not touched by CHKDSK.

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The first suggest right here is to determine the correct disk drive. numbers drives beginning from "1" which is various to exactly how Windows numbers drives (starting from "0"). So open up Windows Disk Management and confirm that Disk 1 as shown in the error message is your SSD drive presented as Disk 0 in Windows.

Next off, go to the SSD equipments assistance internet website and also look for any kind of diagnostic utilities that they may provide and also use this to examine the drive. Example: Samsung provide the Samsung Magician energy. See the list of potential devices in the Troubleshooting section of this KB document.

Finally, the error message additionally states "Fairesulted in check out the snapshot" which could suggest an concern through the Microsoft VSS attribute offered to produce snapswarm information - please download & run the complimentary VSS Doctor utility from the link in my signature.

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One further allude here, if you have actually a valid licence for ATI 2017, then you have to still be able to open a Support Case via as that product is currently in an Extfinished Support phase as documented in webpage: Support Lifecycle Policy for Consumer Products

If you are still not able to open a Support Case, then please send a personal message to Renata Gubaydullina | Product manager, True Image to ask her why this is so? Links : Scheduler Manager : VSS Doctor : Backup Archive Compatibility : Cleanup Device (ATIH 2010-2021):Cloning Disks : Contact Support : Difference between Backup and also Disk Clone

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