Acronis loader fatal error boot drive partition not found

With Back-up and Recoincredibly 11, I produced a bootable media CD, then tried to boot on a Dell OptiPlex 580. I get the message: Loader fatal error: Boot drive (partition) not uncovered. I"m trying to create a picture of this computer. What have the right to I do?


Hello Jon,

Thank you for opening the thcheck out concerning this concern, I will certainly be glad to address it.

I assume you intend True Image Home 11. In this instance please downpack the latest updated bootable media from your account, then burn it onto the CD, and examine whether the worry stays.

Please save in mind that ATIH11 is a really outdated version, and also in case the latest bootable media falls short to job-related, there"s not much we deserve to execute. I would certainly advise you to test True Image Home 2012.

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If you"re using Backup and Recoexceptionally 11 Workstation, then please register the license you very own in your account, and continue through downloading and install and burning the media. In situation the worry continues to be, please gather Linux Report and sfinish it to us for examination.

Thank you in advance for collaboration.



I have a new Dell i570 and namong my bootable media will certainly boot -- I have ADD11 Home (latest variation and download), ATIH 2012 and ADIHPP 2012 and also none will certainly boot on this new Dell machine - the error is the exact same as over - Talked to Dell but they said is not a sustained product and is unrealiable!! I think it have to be the loader is not finding the partition bereason of the means the HDD is erected by Dell cause these CD"s job-related on my various other makers - I wish I can connect a photo of the HDD layout to display what I suppose yet I could be wrong!! HELP YANA!!!


Hello Papa John,

I"m sorry to hear you"ve challenged this difficulty.

Tbelow have the right to be a number of concerns (choose the lack of drivers in the loader). In this case I would certainly recommfinish you to develop a WinPE bootable media as a workroughly, and also the examination of the problem could take some time, and also I would certainly like to at leastern be certain that you have actually a media that functions.

Let me know if you would certainly like to proceed with the examination of the problem, or have actually any problems through the WinPE media.

Thank you!


Papa John,

I just ran right into the sames issue through a Dell 580. It would not boot to the optical drive with the same error. But I developed a bootable USB and also it operated just fine.

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A boot is a boot I guess...

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I hope this helps:Make a bootable CD from your Program ( i.e. True Image 2014)Go here- for screen shots

So here"s what is going on-

You have to install the brand-new drive you are going to clone to as your primary driveInstall the old drive as the USB drive. I favor the Apricorn Sata Wire or acquire a 2.5" removable drive (USB 2.0 or 3.0) case at Best Buy or Fry"s.* Boot from the Bootable Disk ( may need you to go right into your Bios and also change boot drive to CD/DVD, attempt F12 at boot)Or, usage a flash drive and develop the Boot Disk to that.Use the Program to Clone your old system to the new True Image 2014 is a powerful regimen.

If you perform not carry out these things you may gain this Loader fatal error: Boot drive (partition) not found