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Error 1605: 'This activity is only valid for assets that are currently installed' once attempting to uninstall VIPRE

Modified on: Mon, 18 Dec, 2017 at 3:28 PM


When attempting to uninstall VIPRE Home or Firm, the following error is received:

"This action is only valid for assets that are presently installed"


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If VIPRE is detailed and also is unable to be rerelocated as a result of the over error, it is most likely because tright here are remnants of VIPRE secrets within the registry, especially in the Uninstall registry hive place provided below:

32 little Operating Systems:


64 little bit Operating Systems:


It is recommended that the complying with tool is used initially in an attempt to rerelocate VIPRE via automation:

When launched, be certain to choose the second choice to choose and apply fixes yourself. Select the "Uninstalling" alternative and also a list will certainly populate through every one of the detected set up applications. 

If VIPRE is noted, select it and also click next. Follow the prompts to completely rerelocate VIPRE from the machine. If that does not work:If the Microsoft tool still does not remove VIPRE from the list, it will need to be done manually using the usage of the registry editor:

Note: Before making any alters to the registry, it is extremely recommended that you earlier up your regisattempt settings. For instructions on how to do this, click below.

Hold the Windows Key and also press the letter "R"Type regedit and push enterIn the registry editor, navigate to the correct regisattempt hive place as indicated above

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There will be many kind of folders for different programs that were at one time or are still installed on the device. Each of these folders with randomly created IDs will certainly need to be checked to verify that the folder is not for a previous VIPRE installation that has actually continued to be throughout prior uninstalls or upgrades. When discovered, the hive requirements to be deleted. There may be multiple entries such as this and each demands to be removed before this deserve to be resolved. 

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Throughout a previous uninstall or upgrade of VIPRE, the registry enattempt was not removed properly

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