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The Samsung Galaxy S5 functions assistance for MicroSD storage, a convenience that is unfortunately ending up being more and more rare through eincredibly brand-new smartphone release. Depfinishing on the SD card you choose, you deserve to include approximately 200GB of additional storage to your phone and easily use the removable media to move files like music, video, and photos. Here’s the lowdown on using a MicroSD card through the Galaxy S5.

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Best MicroSD Card for Galaxy S5

Before you have the right to install a MicroSD card in the Galaxy S5 you must buy one. We recommfinish San Diskcards which are both trustworthy and affordable. Below you’ll uncover the finest deal on the ideal cardsfor each size:

How to install a MicroSD card in the Galaxy S5


The Galaxy S5 does not come via a MicroSD card preset up. You will certainly initially must purchase one in the storage capacity of your selecting. MicroSD cards are reasonably affordable and come in storage capacities varying as much as 128GB, though expect to spend even more for the more capacious systems. The excellent news is that MicroSD cards typically go on sale by means of Amazon and various other sources, and you can evenhave onelying roughly from an old Android smartphone or various other tool.

To install a MicroSD card in the Galaxy S5

rerelocate the backplate to accessibility the battery compartment,insert the MicroSD card right into the MicroSD card slot (it is positioned above the battery to the right of the camera; be mindful not to insert the card right into the SIM slot, which is located below the MicroSD card slot, if a SIM card is not currently installed),replace the battery cover.

Be certain to seal the battery cover tightly when replacing to incertain atight fit. Faitempt to carry out so might leave your phone at risk to water damages it would otherwise be defended against.

How to move apps to the Galaxy S5’s MicroSD card


After you install a MicroSD card you can start making use of it to regulate papers and also data on your phone. Someof the biggest culprits when it comes to hogging device storage area are apps and also games. You can quickly relocate these to the SD card to free up extra area on your device’s interior drive without losing the capability to run the apps. Here’s how to do it.

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Open theSettingsmenuNavigate toApplication managerFrom the list, pick the app you wish to move the MicroSD cardTapMove to SD cardunder theStorage heading

Note that not all apps will be capable of being moved to the SD card. To move an application or game back to your Galaxy S5’s storage repeat the over actions and tapMove to device storage.

How to relocate papers to the Galaxy S5’s MicroSD card


While the amount of space offered by apps has a tendency to add up, you may likewise wish to relocate other documents choose photos and also music to your Galaxy S5’s MicroSD card. This will certainly both assist free up inner storage space as well as allow you to quickly deliver these papers to a COMPUTER or other device.

Open theApps drawerOpenthe My FilesappNavigate toLocal StorageSelectDevice StorageLocate the records you wish to move to your SD card and also tap the check box alongside eachOpen theMenu in the optimal ideal cornerTapMove, then tap CopySelect SD memory cardNavigate the catalog on the SD card where you wish to move the filesSelectMove here, then,Paste here

The very same procedure can be repeated (and also reversed) to relocate papers from the SD card back to your regional storage.

Set the SD card as the Galaxy S5’s default storage

Some apps have the right to be setup to instantly store the papers they geneprice on the MicroSD card. This is especially useful for the Galaxy S5’s camera. Setup MicroSD as the default storage for the video camera making use of the complying with actions.

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Open theCameraappTap thegear icon in the optimal left to open the Camera’sSettings menuNavigate toStorageSelectMemory card

A similar process deserve to be completed for a number of other apps, including the Voice Recorder and also web browser.