Agp to pcie bridge adapter

Albatron has occurred an “ATOP” bridge card that permits AGP graphics cards to job-related in PCI Expush x16 slots. It’s an interesting solution for individuals looking to relocate to PCI Expush without having actually to upgrade their existing graphics card. However, given that ATOP adds a pair of inches of height to the card, compatibility might be limited to low-profile AGP cards. Anything taller wouldn’t screw into a standard PCI bracket.

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why dont we all just thrive up? ffs, this was simply announced, it’s not choose it’s last, and besides, it it turns out to be much better than we all deserve to think, then cool. But I’m not the kind of perboy who’ll offer a provided 6800 ultra, for much less. then acquire a offered or pitch in for a brand-new 6800 ultra, once agp is just as great as pci-e 16x. We all know there’s no real distinction. So why dont we simply speak acting like, we know every little thing and wait till it hits retail to begin talking smack.

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I think it looks pretty neat. Sounds favor the only difficulty is making it fit. Nopoint a couple of minutes at Home Depot won’t cure