Alienware 17 charger not working

Troubleshooting procedures to solve any kind of problems with battery performance on your Alienware PC Summary:Troubleshooting measures to settle any type of problems with battery performance on your Alienware PCSee less Troubleshooting measures to solve any problems via battery performance on your Alienware COMPUTER

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Description This article gives you essential information on just how to enhance your battery life as well as display you just how to run tests to identify the health and wellness of your battery
Supported Systems:
All Alienware Laptops
Table Of Materials 1. Error Post "Plugged in, not Charging"

Before troubleshooting it is important that this error is likely to occur on batteries over a year old and also additionally when the customer provides the battery plugged in the majority of of the time

Make Sure Deskheight Mode is Disabled

Deskpeak mode is only easily accessible when the OSD driver is set up, on units is part of the Quickcollection application

To disable it do the following:

Right Click on the
symbol at the System Tray Click Deskheight mode battery charge


Click Disable Click Apply Click Ok


Run an ePSA test on the battery only

Restart the system Start pressing the F12 crucial while the system transforms on Select Diagnostics from the food selection and also push Enter The diagnostics will run automatically

Go to the BIOS and confirm that the AC Adapter is appropriately detected under the Main tab

If the AC Adapter is not being detected properly disattach it and also reattach it while in the BIOS

Check the battery wellness under the Advanced tab in the BIOS (All revs of 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18)

Unplug the AC Adapter from the system

Unplug the power cord from the AC Adapter and also from the wall outlet

Rerelocate or Disaffix the battery from the system

Press and hold the power switch for 30 seconds

Reattach the battery

Plug the AC Adapter ago to the wall and also to the system

If the problems persist ask the customer to use the system on battery until the battery runs out and also then charge it for 4 hours through the mechanism off

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2. Battery does not host charge

The first action in situation your mechanism battery is draining quickly is run a battery diagnostic

Click Here to run a diagnostic On-line

The test will let you recognize if your battery requirements replacement or not

If you have an Alienware 13 R1/R2, Alienware 15 R1/R2 or Alienware 17 R2/R3 please follow our article: Disable Express Charge on Alienware Solution and Improve Battery Life

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3. How to extend your battery life?

Batteries need constant consumption to mantain healthy and balanced charge levels. To keep your battery healthy and balanced follow these recommendations:

Do not leave your mechanism plugged for extfinish durations of time Drain your device battery totally and also then charge it while it is of at leastern when a month

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4. How execute I get a battery replacement?

Alienware system batteries have actually a 1 year restricted warranty. PLease note that if your device has actually even more than one year warranty, your batttery will certainly just be covered in warranty for the first year

You can inspect your device warranty virtual at

If the above tests indicate you may call techical support for further assistance

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