An error occurred while copying the windows installation files.

I"m trying to execute a first-time install of Windows 10 1709 through Boot Camp Assistant. During installation, I obtain the message: "An error occurred while copying the Windows installation records."

This leaves me through the added partitions, which are cleaned up upon refounding my computer system, founding Boot Camp Assistant, and letting BCA recollection the partition.

You watching: An error occurred while copying the windows installation files.

I"ve tried booting into System Recovery, running csrutil disable, and reattempt the installation procedure, yet I obtain the same error.

Hardware: MBP 2017. OS: 10.13.3


I developed a macOS tool to fix the difficulty and produce a new ISO that works. I likewise created up an explacountry. It is connected max file size of FAT32 and also just how Boot Camp Assistant prepares the installation.


If you are trying to produce a bootable USB utilizing Bootcamp Assistant and then if you obtain "might not produce bootable or error copying Windows file" then it have to be that you have actually MOUNTED the ISO photo in Deskpeak... Unmount it and the error will not appear. This is the method which worked for me after getting the error.

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Is your hard drive healthy ?

You can check some usecomplete software below.

Otherwise it appears it might additionally be your Windows installation papers that are corrupted.

Do you use a DVD, or an ISO on USB KEY created in bootcamp ?

Can you attempt to format / re-develop the USB KEY if so ?


eqzx Even if you downloaded the ISO freshly, it could still be coreupted –user255044 Apr 18 "18 at 18:38
It may be that your internet connection is struggling via the downfill, and that this software from
timsutton or else this question How to download Bootcamp motorists without Bootcamp assistant? gets you further?

I was able to resolve this by using an older release of Windows 10. 1803 wouldn"t job-related and I discovered a recommendation to making use of 1703 because of a FAT32 size problem. My initial attempts to acquire 1703 functioning also failed until I realized 1703 July 2017 upday was bigger (5.1 GB) than the original 1703 release (4.0 GB). Since the concern rprogressed about the 4 GB limit of FAT32, I tried the original 1703 variation and also prospered.

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Between procedures I recollection the BootCamp Assistant efforts by rebooting, opening Disk Utility, and deleting the BOOTCAMP partition.

All you men need to execute is exceptionally simple 10 file once you downpack from microsoft its 5.8 or 5.9 gb yet once bootcamp is going to format the disk its instantly making sepaprice file of less then 1 point from the actual file that"s why error massage comes back saying unable to fit in the usb or what so ever before disk don"t waist your time on formatting the disc aacquire and also aobtain, hope answered the Inquiry to resolve the trouble all i did is i downloaded from various other website where the file was 4.22 gb and also the occupational is done and also i am utilizing mu home windows day-to-day ,good luck

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