Anthem infinite loading screen fix

When I go into the cataclysm occasion, and also I fly to the following suggest it puts me earlier in a limitless loading display and also the only way to gain out of it to press alt f4. I already tried it 4/5 times and also likewise re-installed Anthem.

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Does someone got a solution? Or wait for a patch?

Edit : FIX!!!


I also cant gain into cataclysm occasion, the first loding display screen completely tons, the the second opens which gets stuck at 10% and that's it. Tried all of the over made suggestions and also it renders no difference. I was really hopeful for cataclysm however not being able to play it really kills the vibe for me :)

2 loading screens, 2nd stops at 10%. This is just for cata occasion everything else is playable. I did read that altering the display settings to high has functioned for some human being. I'll try it as soon as I gain residence tonight since nopoint else has actually worked.

Gotta wait for Bioware to relocate their fat asses and also release a resolve. I've also tried deleting particular folder, repairing the game, and complete on reinstalling it yet to no avail. Just hoping that they solve prior to the armor rotates.

copy the anthem folder

uninstall the game

Delete the "BioWare" folder in papers C:UsersUSERNAMEDocuments

rename it back, repair it

PS: for some it was sufficient to delete only the bioware folder without new installation

I have actually tries this approach, unfortunately did not job-related for me, still gain stuck at cataclysm loading screen, everything else, favor stronghold and contracts, appears to be functioning fine

Upvoting this, had this take place to someone in a run on Discord through a BW Staff, this is what they said, minus the reinstall part. It seemed to deal with the problem almost automatically.

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Supposedly it may have something to carry out with a specific settings file in that Bioware folder. All it takes is renaming it and relaunching it. Might be additionally worth investigating which establishing specifically may be resulting in it, as it seems like it may be tied to a details setting in some instances. Could vary from person to perboy.

Word of caution though, you will certainly have to rereadjust your settings.

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I get that infinte loading display, no issue exactly how many kind of times I restart. But when I carry out manage to obtain in the cataclysm, I cant check out any kind of enemies, theres absent pieces of the area and also everyone else is running in place. Like wtf shitty ass update


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