Apex legends crash no error

Hello,I"m unexpectedly suffering a frequent Apex crash and also hoping for some guidance. Brand also brand-new COMPUTER built around 2 months back. I"ve been playing Apex flawlessly on this build considering that it was assembled. I took the last few weeks off due to a busy schedule and also launched the game yesterday to play. I mounted the a lot of recent patch, and also within the initially couple games I experienced a crash to desktop computer - no error, no freezing before the crash occurs, no warning. The game instantly closes and also I"m ago at the desktop. I"ve verified that Windows is completely up to day, proved that the most current NVIDIA driver is mounted, and repaired game documents with Origin. DxDiag is attached.Any suggestions?



U must downfill gfroce with the right drive I did it now I only had 2 crashes and I play for around 3 hrs hope this could job-related for u

VT41 I have actually the specific exact same trouble. No crashes prior to the latest "Arcade" patch. The game simply closes without error messperiods to desktop computer, nopoint in the "apex_crash.txt" file.FIX this Respawn/vivaworldcup.info. The game functioned fine before patch.

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Same difficulty right here as well. Video Game worked fine prior to. Latest patch through Grand also Soiree comes out and also currently it routinely crashes to desktop, in any kind of game mode, no matter what I"m currently doing in game. Freezes for a second and also boom, gone! No error, no log.Intel i9-9900KS (stock, no OC)NVIDIA Gepressure RTX2080 SUPER (stock, no OC)32GB RAM (stock, no OC)MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC boardWindows 10 1909 64-bitThings I have tried:- Repair game papers.- latest and also previous NVIDIA chauffeurs.- Changed graphics settings to lowest.- Set max_fps in startup choices.- Shutting dvery own any other software program that"s in the background.- Repairing vivaworldcup.infosyCwarm.Nopoint helps! The game randomly crashes in the time of matches (generally a tiny further right into the match, which is especially frustrating).

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SteltekOne Yep, this is the same, and we have actually comparable setups too:Intel i7-9700KF (overclocked, however I have tested via no OC and same result)NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080TI (stock, no OC)32GB RAM (stock, no OC)Windows 10 1909 64-bitThis is not a warmth concern, and my device is stable in all other benchmark tests. It"s certainly somepoint that occurred in the last Apex patch. Do you usage NZXT CAM or any type of other fan/RGB applications?
VT41 I have Corsair"s iCUE mounted for my AIO, yet as stated, I deserve to shut down all background apps, consisting of iCUE, and also still have actually the crash.

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4.8Ghz - temps in low 70"s as soon as gaming)- GeForce RTX 2080 Ti - chauffeurs 441.87- MSI Z390 MEG ACE Motherboard- 32GB DDR4 3200 Corsair RAM- Windows 10 1909 64-bitYou"re righ
VT41t. It"s not a temperature issue, and also also the game does not think so. I provided to acquire the "CPU Overclocked/Overhvivaworldcup.infoted" bullsh1t message after last yvivaworldcup.infor"s summer, however it also had actually nopoint to do through the actual temperatures of the CPU. More so, it had actually to do via the poor implementation of the game"s AVX worktons.I have actually zero issues in all various other games, for example:- Gvivaworldcup.infors 5- Battlvivaworldcup.inforvivaworldcup.info V- Shadow of the Tomb Raider- CS:GO- Star Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderThe only one crashing/problematic is Apex Legends.vivaworldcup.info/Respawn: Plvivaworldcup.infose let me understand if there"s any kind of various other indevelopment I can provide to aid troubleshooting the issue.Issue: Game crashes randomly to desktop after 1-2second freeze, without ANY error messages.Thanks.
VT41I"ve had two evenings now in the time of which the game initially craburned a couple of times, and then it ran all evening without crashing once. I have actually not narrowed dvery own what can be the cause yet tbelow are 2 theories:1. Something thermal in my PC (as it hvivaworldcup.infots up it gets better?). Not certain though, "cause I"ve had actually evenings wright here the game crashes throughout.2. Running Sysinternals Process Explorer 16.04 in Admin mode (Show all processes) and lvivaworldcup.infoving it open up someexactly how avoids the crash. (I noticed that I had no crashes after opening it, and also subsequently opened up it aacquire the following night after suffering a crash...)Not evidenced though, yet probably offer #2 a shot if you can still uncover this old version (or try through the existing one, 16.31).Update: Strike that. Video Game just began crashing again regularly.

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