Apex legends invalid game executable

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Windows customers were suffering an “Invalid Video Game Executable” error every time they tried to launch Apex Legends. This startup error can’t also reinstall Apex Legends and also Origin.

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Follow the procedures listed below to fix the error launching an invalid executable game file.

Possible factors for this error

R5Apex.exe is blocked by antivirus.Corrupted game papers or cacheExecutable compatibility issueDamaged Easy Cheat EngineWindows update is missing

Recover R5APEX.exe from AV Vault

It turned out that the a lot of widespread reason of the “Invalid game executable” error is when your antivirus has actually quarantined a critical game file (r5apex.exe).

Tright here is no official explacountry yet as to why tright here are many kind of various third-party packages that have been shown to quarantine this file because of false positives. In some instances, this deserve to likewise be the situation through its own protection pack (Windows Defender).

If you are utilizing a third-party defense package, search the Web for instructions to make certain the r5apex.exe file has actually been quarantined and also, if so, reclaim it to the game folder.

Keep in mind. In AVG, this have the right to be done by opening the AVG application and picking Menu> Quarantine> click r5apex.exe, click the drop-down tab with the yellow Delete button, then click Restore and also include an exception. …

If you are making use of a different third-party package, search the Internet for certain actions to rerelocate a quarantined item from your antivirus repository and also exclude it from future scans.



Open the Alarge user interchallenge.Go to settingsClick GeneralFind the “Exceptions” tabAdd “C: Program Files (x86) Origin Gamings Apex r5apex.exe” below.In many instances, Apex is mounted right here.Click OK and also resolve Apex Legends.

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Open the AVG user interfacePress “Menu” and also go to “Settings”.Find General and also click Exceptions.Now click Add Exception and paste here:“C: Program Files (x86) Origin Games Apex r5apex.exe”Now click on Add Exception and also start repairing Apex Legends now.

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Recover game files


A mismatch with the installation of the game have the right to also lead to an incorrect Apex Legends executable error. This normally happens due to corrupted or lacking game papers. Fortunately, Origin has a valuable attribute to aid you resolve these.

All you need to carry out is go to the Origin client and also click on “My Game Library”. Then choose the Apex Legends settings symbol and also click “Restore”. Wait for the process to complete and also restart Origin. Then launch the game and also check if it functions appropriately.

Clear game cache


Another reason for the invalid Apex Legends executable file is an problem with the game’s cache papers. In this situation, you need to clear the game cache. Some users have actually fixed it with this solution and you can try it also.

Here are the comprehensive actions.

Tip 1. Press Success + E to open up Data Explorer.

Tip 2: navigate to: C: Users username Saved Gamings Respawn Apex regional.

Step 3: Click the View tab on the toolbar and activate surprise items. Then delete all items from the neighborhood folder.

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After that, you have to rebegin your computer and also launch Apex Legends aacquire.

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