Apex legends r5apex exe application error

Some Apex Legends players suddenly get an error message while starting the game that says “r5apex.exe – Application Error, The instruction at 0x6a1f9414 referenced memory at 0x4128a3a0. The memory could not be review.”. When players get this error in the launcher loading display screen, the game will immediately departure.

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Regex Edit resolve for Windows 7

If you’re utilizing Windows 7, you can try resolving the registry modify of your mechanism.

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Go to Regmodify by browsing in Run.Navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage Data Execution Options’Right click the ‘Image Documents Execution Options’ folder, then hover to brand-new and select key. Enter the name “r5apex.exe”.Right click the r5apex.exe folder, float to brand-new and also choose Key, then enter the name “PerfOptions”Highlight PerfOptions on the left, in the white space in the best, best click and also float to new and also select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”, then enter “CpuPriorityClass” on the name.Double click the freshly created CpuPriorityClass Dword then in the new home window encertain that the base is set to Hexadecimal and also collection the value to 3.

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That’s it! Hopefully this will certainly fixed the error you’re obtaining. If you still enrespond to any type of error, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down listed below.