Apex legends video card removed

After we setup feedago option on our blog, many readers began commenting on various worries and ask for our opinion and also support. In the majority of instances, it is just prevalent worries and also we make replies shortly as feasible. Last day, we obtained an interesting query from James Patrick regarding the graphics card. After looking right into his situation, we uncovered that it would be proper to share among our fellow readers and also assist them to fix this issue later on. So here are the complete details common by James regarding DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED while playing games on his COMPUTER.

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Hi techiestechoverview team,

I am attaching a copy of an worry which I generally see while playing games on my COMPUTER. The exact same has actually been posted in assorted forums and has been sent out to webmasters of technology blogs. Hope any of them have the right to crack this problem and sfinish me a result in settle this.

I have purchased PUBG game from vapor and set up on my lappeak. But eextremely time after playing a few minutes, for eg: 5 minutes, they game gets cramelted and show a DXGI_Error_Device_Removed error message. I don’t have the worry while playing offline games. My hardware specifications are mentioned listed below.

Intel Inspiron 15 3000 series

Core i7-5500 CPU

2 GB Nvidia Graphics Card


512 SSD

x64 processor

I tried numerous tips posted on various forums, yet none of them worked. Kindly inspect on this problem and also write-up something advantageous to fix this issue.


DirectX feature “FindClosestMatchingMode” failed

DirectX attribute “FindClosestMatchingMode” failed through DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (“The video card has actually been physically removed from the system, or a drive upgrade for the video card has actually arisen.”) GPU: “”, Driver.”37849″. This error is typically caused by the graphics driver crashing; attempt installing the latest drivers. Also, make certain you have a sustained graphics card with at least 1024 MB of VRAM.

Possible techniques to solve DXGI_Error_Device_Removed error message

#1:- Check your Graphics Card drivers are approximately date

This is the initially thing you must examine while getting DXGI error device rerelocated message. Many kind of people don’t know exactly how to update the graphics card vehicle drivers. Still, many kind of utilizing third-party tools to upday the lacking or outdated NVIDIA graphics card driver. But the right way to update the NVIDIA graphics card driver is by making use of the main software called NVIDIA GeForce endure. If you are currently mounted this software, open up it and check whether brand-new updays are available.

Tip 1:- Download and also install GeForce experience . Use matching software for other brands.

Step 2:- Open the software application and also look whether new motorists are accessible or not. If yes, go and downpack the latest game chauffeurs.


Tip 3:- After installing the vehicle drivers, choose expush install or practice install. If you select express install, the system will certainly install the driver automatically without additionally queries.

In 90% of instances, updating your Graphics card driver will deal with all worries concerned the GPU. Here also you deserve to fix this issue by updating the driver utilizing Getpressure endure. Tbelow will certainly be few users encountering the same worry after the driver update. If you are one among them, save looking the complying with tips.

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#2:- Disable GPU overclocking

Tbelow are human being that constantly love overclocking their graphics card. Overclocking is the procedure of raising the rate of the graphics processor to rise the performance. While doing overclocking, the processor is compelled to perdevelop processing without providing sufficient cooling time. Hence the temperature rises as necessary and may damage your tool.

So the next alternative to solve “DXGI error device removed” warning message is to disable GPU overclocking. If you have actually offered any type of devices to overclock your GPU, reset it to the default worths or disable the GPU overclocking. There are some cards which have actually overclocked at the time of manufacture. Please examine whether your card comes under this category. If so, usage devices like EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner to bring the clock rate to normal worth.

#3:- Switching off Anti-Aliasing and ShadowPlay

In your graphics card settings, you may have actually seen the term recognized as Anti-Aliasing and ShadowPlay. Anti-Aliasing is the procedure of smoothening of the images which typically needs while playing games and utilizing High-finish software program tools.

ShadowPlay is hardware-accelerated screen recording energy presented by Nvidia to enable users to record the gameplay and save it in a particular place. This is a part of GeForce Experience software program and comes by default for Nvidia GTX 600 series card and above.

In both the cases, it calls for a huge amount of Graphics processor room. Both Anti Aliasing and also Shadowplay requires that much Graphics consumption and sometimes outcome in DXGI error tool rerelocated message.

To disable Antialiasing open NVIDIA manage panel. Under Manage 3D settings, You deserve to see the choice to turn off Antialiasing.


Choose the off choice and save the worths. Now try to ply the game again and check whether the issue persists. If still tbelow is such worry, try disabling Shadowplay

#4:- Alterindigenous tips that you can try

Before trial and error these tips, let me tell one point. Namong this informations are tested by me and also not confirmed from our side. Instead, we gather these from assorted forums and you can examine any kind of of them functions or you.

Make sure your tool is obtaining enough power supply for the maximum performance. Tbelow have to be an uninterrupted power supply and sufficient voltage for the better performance.Try to mitigate all graphics settings to the minimum worth. Once you are on the control panel of your graphics card, you deserve to watch miscellaneous settings. Click on them and also minimize it to see whether it resolve your problem.Make sure you are running home windows on maximum power performance. Should not run Graphics card on smart or eco mode.

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DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED is one of the famous error message presented while using graphics cards. Tright here is no particular reason behind this problem. Many gamers view this sort of error while playing multiplayer games like Crysis 3, Battlearea 1, Battlearea 2, Battlefield 3, Farcry, PUBG and Fortnite. Anymeans, the primary reason is an outdated graphics driver. So the essential point you must inspect is whether you are running through the latest GPU drivers.