Ark survival evolved not enough disk space

OK, so I cant understand WTF is going on. I have actually my Atlas on one difficult drive, yet the patch is downloading and install to another (wright here my Ark is). So my Atlas is on my H drive and also I deserve to view the game tright here ( although the totality folder is just 1.95 GB). I am trying to downfill and also it is saying my E drive is full. I looked on my E drive and also it was wbelow Ark is installed, so I unset up ark. Still having the worry. I delete the downloading and install folder (still for some wierd factor in my E drive) and start the process over. Now downloading and install aget and also its taking up over a hundred GB of space!!!! not just is that means to big, yet its on the wrong drive! Man, for eextremely one thing they fix, they screw 4 even more up. Anyone have actually any ideas? I cant play till I acquire it fixed and fear my animals and also NPC"s will starve quickly.

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Can"t speak to the problem of it locating on the wrong drive, yet Atlas seems to be having an concern recognized to cause frustration with Ark, namely that for some technological factor I"m not qualified to define, the game needs you to space better than the dimension of the whole game complimentary, not just the update itself, in order to dl and install updays, which provides no feeling, but I have actually viewed it take place many times through Ark.

As far as the wrong drive point, my just guess is when it initially routed it to the wrong drive, it keeps wanting to sfinish it back there until you find a method to direct it specifically to the various other drive. Please gain the music while someone with higher technological proficiency hopecompletely sees this thcheck out and also provides more considerable aid. 


It is a pretty insane and lazy approach to patching a game file. Esp for those of us that do not have 4 terabyte hdds..

Even tho the downloaded file is just 5.1gb.. the game needed 126gb to reinstall. It then deleted the older file. So you would certainly have actually around 115gb original file, plus the 126gb room to reinstall the game.. as soon as it downloaded the 5.1gb.. it takes an hour to reinstall and deletes old file, leaving you through 119 gb file on hdd. If you don"t have that added 126gb of space.. it won"t patch.

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It is just using the other drive because the one does not have sufficient room. It is what it is, hd are cheap, and also it has actually never before readjusted via ARK, although I think its a Steam point as well.

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Mine was 40gb in complete and took a lengthy time,likewise it absolutely is the ark dlc ocean menu.It was worth the wait though.I"m glad they did it tbh. 


I have 400gb complimentary room and also the update keeps saying not enough room for a 7.9gb update. I"m likewise using E drive and ark is not set up.

It is just using the other drive bereason the one does not have actually enough space. It is what it is, hd are cheap, and it has actually never adjusted via ARK, although I think its a Steam point also.

No, it wasn"t running out of area wbelow atlas was (my H drive), that drive had 140 GB free. For some factor, it was downloading and install the patch to the E difficult drive wright here Ark was set up. It was producing a folder called Downloading and placing it in tright here. Now, I am an IT skilled by trade and recognize my way approximately a PC and in my 22 years of experience I have actually never seen anything choose this.

Now there is an update to this dilemma. I entirely UNINSTALLED the game and remounted it. This completely resolved the worry. About the only point I can think of is that Atlas was at one point an Ark mod or had some files in widespread which the install batch file was pointing to. Doesn"t make sense considering the install magazine was the H drive, yet lets confront it, tright here is nopoint normal about exactly how this game has actually been done lol. 

It is simply using the various other drive because the one does not have enough space. It is what it is, hd are cheap, and it has never before adjusted with ARK, although I think its a Steam point too.

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Yeah I know HDD are cheap, I have 6 of them lol. Point is somepoint is wrong if a game thats just 40 GB takes over 120 GB of area for a download. No one must need to have over 200 GB totally free on a HDD for a game that just takes up 40. Thats simply negative programming.