Arma 3 server not responding

For the longest time (as in, several months), I haven"t been able to play games via friends bereason as soon as we attempt to join each other"s games from our vapor friend"s list, it states "server not responding." This didn"t occur in Alpha, Beta, or for the first few months of release.

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For a little while we were able to form in each other"s ip"s and sign up with, however now we can not also carry out that.

I"ve remounted home windows 7 AND Arma 3 because these troubles have actually emerged, so it"s a trouble via the game, not my device.

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Port forwarding doesn"t seem to work on my rexternal, and also I didn"t have to port forward before to host a game.

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Well you do currently :) If your rexternal has actually a DMZ alternative you can test with that to check out if it functions.. although this leaves your PC without any type of firewall other than the built-in Windows one.


FOR ARMA 3 (could work-related for others idk)

For me I fixed this difficulty by firstly adding the ports as u perform usually on both rexternal + firewall (Is ofc important)


secondly iam on home windows 8.1


I visited manage panel>system and sercurity>Windows firewall (allowed an application through Windows firewall)


arma has actually 3.exe applications arma3battleye,arma3launcher and also IMPORTANTLY arma3server which for me was not default enabled/allowed on windows firewall


To include arma3server click readjust settings>permit another application search for ur arma3server.exe and also include it to the lists make certain to tick both private and also public boxes


this resolved difficulty for after i had actually exhausted whatever recommfinished so i hope i have the right to help you :)


oh and having actually to make an account to write-up nearly put me off concept of posting my settle ;p 





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Server not responding once friends try to join
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