Assertion failed array_count

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Ark: Survival Evolved, likewise well-known as Ark, is an Action-Adundertaking Survival Video Video Game developed by Studio Wildcard. The game is played in 3rd or first perboy and offers both single and multiplayer modes.

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It is obtainable on various platdevelops such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and also Linux, Android, iOS, and also Nintendo Switch.

Lately, many COMPUTER customers have reported that they are unable to play the game due to an error message founding via a failed confirmation: ARRAY_COUNT. The trouble is not concerned a details map in the game. If you are enduring the very same problem, you deserve to try the following services to solve the trouble.

Launch the game directly from the installation directory

You may encounter this error if the Steam client is having difficulties launching the game or if the shortreduced for the game is not functioning. In this context, the trouble have the right to be resolved by launching the game straight from the installation magazine.

Launch Data Explorer and navigate to the Ark game installation catalog. Generally this:C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps prevalent ARK ShooterGame Binaries Win64Now run ShooterVideo Game.exe and also examine if the game is functioning effectively.

Run Steam / Ark as Administrator


With the latest variation of Windows, Microsoft has actually made superior renovations to the data security and also protection functions of its operating system. One of these features is to safeguard instrumental mechanism sources via User Account Control. The specified error deserve to occur when the game / Steam was unable to access a vital system reresource due to UAC limitations. In this regard, the difficulty can be addressed by running Steam / Game as administrator.

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April 2021 Update:

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Right click on the Steam shortcut, then pick Run as administrator.Then launch the game via Steam to examine if it works effectively.If not, departure Steam and use Data Explorer to navigate to the Ark game installation catalog. Generally this:C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common ARK ShooterVideo Game Binaries Win64Now ideal click on the ShooterVideo Game.exe file and select Run as administrator.Now examine if the game is functioning effectively.

Verify the integrity of the Ark game files

Rebegin your computer and begin SteamIn the Library area, right-click the game and pick Properties from the food selection.Select the Local Files tab and also click the Verify Integrity of Video Game Files button.Steam will certainly inspect the game records – this procedure may take numerous minutes.

Important: one or more files might not be obtainable for scanning.This is normal for most Steam games. The records that cannot be proved are neighborhood configuration papers and should not be overcomposed by this procedure. You can overlook this message.

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Reinstall the Steam client


Before uninstalling Steam, move the / steamapps / subfolder to a safe area, then follow these steps:

Rerelocate SteamReinstall SteamLaunch SteamStop the steamMove the contents of the / steamapps / backup file to the new / steamapps / subfolderRebegin Steam

At this suggest, Steam should discover all games without better activity. In the worst case, if Steam does not recognize specific games as set up, simply reinstall them. The game will fill in a couple of secs / minutes and will be ready, considering that you only have to examine the cache of the game content.

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