Astro headset mic not working


There has actually been a lot of complaints from the Astro A10 headset users that their mic can’t record their sound. If you’re, unfortunately, one of them, then take a look at the troubleshooting tips below! A lot of Astro A10 headset customers have benefited from these tips…

Upday your audio drivers

Sometimes your headcollection mic is not working appropriately bereason you’re using difficulty audio drivers. Generally an update of the motorists helps you deal with the error.

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To update your driver, you deserve to use Device Manager on your Windows mechanism, or go to your hardware manufacturer website to uncover the correct driver manually. Either method, you have to make certain the driver you gain is correct and also as much as day.

Or you have the right to usage a driver updater. This is an extra convenient choice — it only takes a few computer mouse clicks to update a driver!

The driver updater we recommfinish is Driver Booster, bereason it’s powerful and basic to usage, and also you have the right to use it to update chauffeurs for free!

And what’s even more, it gives a 60-day money earlier guarantee. So you have the right to provide it a try without taking any kind of risks.

To use Driver Booster to upday your audio driver:

Step 1: Downfill Driver Booster and also install it on your computer system.

Step 2: Launch Driver Booster, and scan for driver updays.


Tip 3: Update your audio driver (click the update switch next to it). Or click the red Upday Now button to upday all your motorists.

Note that the downpack rate is sluggish in the cost-free variation of Driver Booster. If you desire to eliminate the rate limit and unlock its complete features, you should upgrade to its PRO version.


That’s it! That’s exactly how you deserve to update a driver with Driver Booster.

Check your headset cord connection

This is the first point you have to do. Make certain the cords of your Astro A10 headphone is correctly associated. You may have to provide the connectors a small push to make sure they are completely plugged in.

Check your sound settings

You need to make sure your Astro A10 mic is allowed and set to the default mic on your computer system.

Tip 1: Press the Win and also R keys on your key-board, then enter “mmsys.cpl“.


Step 2: Select the Recording tab.


Tip 3: Make certain your headset microphone is enabled (ideal click it and also choose Enable).

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Tip 4: Make certain your headcollection microphone is set to the default microphone (best click it and select Set as Default Device).


Step 5: Click OK.

See if you can usage your Astro A10 mic currently.


Check the microphone settings for your apps

* This settle is for Windows 10 individuals only.

You have to allow your apps to accessibility your Astro A10 mic, so you can usage the mic on your Windows 10 computer system.

Tip 1: Press the Win and also I tricks on your keyboard.

Step 2: Select Privacy.


Step 3: Select Microphone.


Tip 4: Make certain you’ve permitted apps to accessibility your microphone, and make certain the apps you desire to use via your headset microphone have actually the accessibility to it.


Now inspect your application and view if you have the right to hear sound from your headcollection mic on the app.

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Has any type of of the tips above helped you? Or execute you recognize any kind of various other efficient fixes? Tell us by leaving a comment below.