Asus vg248qe hdmi no signal

"DisplayPort - No Signal" when second monitor is plugged into HDMI. GTX 970/ASUS VG248QE. Over 20 hours spent troubleshooting and I'm entirely out of ideas! Please help!

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A few nights ago I was playing a game for an hour and also went to bed. After occupational the next day I turned my PC on and also it booted properly, however my monitor (ASUS VG248QE) sassist "DisplayPort - No Signal" on it. My TV is also plugged right into the GPU by means of HDMI and it functions fine. When I unplug the HDMI from my GPU (MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G), my monitor detects DisplayPort again and starts working. My monitor likewise functions once making use of HDMI from the GPU.

List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or deal with the trouble.

I tried another DisplayPort cable, no adjust.

My friend has actually the same monitor so we tried it on my PC via my cables and it worked. (This confirms my cables and GPU are fine.)

I then tried my monitor on his PC with his cables and it worked. (This confirms my monitor is fine.)

My monitor functions on my motherboard ports, and also likewise via HDMI from the GPU. DisplayPort from my GPU is the only input that doesn't occupational from my computer system.

I did a clean reinstall of the latest Nvidia vehicle drivers 4 times, no change.

Did a clean install of previous Nvidia motorists that I recognize operated prior to, no readjust.

Updated all the remainder of my vehicle drivers and also BIOS, no adjust.

Did all current Windows updates, no change.

Tried to carry out a System Resave to a suggest prior to the concern developed yet it failed.

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Tried the ASUS trick of unplugging the monitor from power for a few minutes and also plugging it back in, no adjust.

Power Settings collection from Balanced to High Performance, no readjust.

Post relevant photos of build/parts right here.

I'm a certified PC technician and also am 100% certain that whatever is plugged in and also mounted properly as it has actually operated for over a year before this, so I'm not going to invest time in taking pictures.

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As I shelp over, this issue just occurs once plugging a second monitor into the HDMI on my GPU. As soon as the HDMI is unplugged, my monitor have the right to detect DisplayPort aobtain.

I called ASUS and they urge that my monitor is defective, which I have actually ruled out by utilizing it on my friend's COMPUTER.

I have found thousands of world posting with the very same problem digital and also many type of of them have never uncovered a solve. I have actually tried every deal with that I've come across and nopoint has worked.

I would certainly favor to try update the vBIOS on my GPU however haven't uncovered a resource for the latest variation.

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I have actually check out multiple forums digital of civilization that have actually tried formatting Windows and it hasn't aided. I would certainly like to avoid this strategy if possible as it would be many work-related for what seems like an unsuccessful strategy.

Any tips or advice would be GREATLY appreciated as I have quickly spent over 20 hours trying to fix this!