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Hello, A friend of mine is having multiple problems through a desktop computer of his. His computer crashes eexceptionally so regularly and some programs soptimal functioning a few seconds after begin up. He sent me the last three minidumps and asked if I could short article for help on right here.

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He has actually gotten many errors some consisting of 'Kernel Auto Boost Invalid Lock release', 'DPC Watchdog Violation', 'mechanism company exception', 'page fault in nonpaged area', 'attempted execute of noexecute memory', 'irql not less or equal', and also 'System_Service_Exception'

I hope someone can please my frifinish.

Specs: GPU: Geforce GTX 970

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i-4590 CPU

Memory: 8.00 GB RAM (7.94 GB usable)

Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 59Hz

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Below is a downpack link to the last three minidump documents.

If you need anyeven more info please state so listed below and I will provide. Thanks in breakthrough to anyone that is able to aid.

Edit1 Last 3 minidumps(new)


I had actually many these happening to me whenever before I was gaming and things kept pointing earlier to my video card. I ran memtests, tests versus GPU memory, clean install of vehicle drivers, and so on. Nothing was functioning. Then sooner or later, my computer quit booting to Windows. I couldn't recover it and had actually to reinstall whatever.

Issue then went away entirely.

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One minidump wouldn't open, one offered inconclusive results, the final indicated the following driver was responsible for a crash:

NVIDIA GeForce Video Driver - nvlddmkilometres.sys - May 19, 2016

Get the latest NVIDIA chauffeurs below.

Installed latest chauffeurs. Bluescreens still persist. Last 3 minidumps(new)

What the fuck? I've never heard of some of those.

Several of them point to the Nvidia driver. Uninstall it, remove graphics card, use onboard video or another card. See if it still happens.

I would recommend placing the RAM with a memtest. A excellent chunk of those exemption codes allude to faulty motorists although inconsistent and also everywhere the location. There is one web page fault which is a sign that the RAM is not being made use of correctly (which is a sign that a stick might be bad).

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