Audacity error opening sound device mac

I've freshly been using my Sony Bluetooth MDR1000X and have actually always been high performance in terms of excellent audio quality. Using them for studio job-related too would certainly be exceptionally right too. Sadly once I opened up up an older file, I obtained an error basically telling me that I need to "Try altering the audio organize, playearlier gadget and also the sample rate".

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I opened up Audio MIDI setup however still cannot discover what adjustments to make on either the input or output settings, and the Master Sliders.

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What perform I change to be able to hear my projects?

*ignore the "text" lmao

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https://hamza21.com1 year ago
Using bluetooth headphones for studio is not recommfinished for one they do not have flat response and also shade the sound. Even worse MDR-1000X are noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones for studio occupational certainly puts you at disadvantage in terms of actually hearing audio correctly.

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Now your problem is well-known bug from 2010. You may must usage sunfreduced for bluetooth headphones to work-related properly with audacity.

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