Audacity error while opening sound device playback


This issue typically occurs as soon as there are no recording gadgets accessible. For example, if you click Edit, Preferences, and also under Devices, tright here would certainly be no choices obtainable to choose in the Recording Device drop-down list.

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The error may also take place as soon as Audacity is configured to usage a sample rate for recording that the sound card in your computer system does not support. Audacity may likewise be trying to record even more channels than the sound card have the right to assistance.

To resolve this error, attempt the steps listed below in order.

Windows 10 users

If you have a computer systems through Windows 10, you may need to readjust the privacy settings to enable software to accessibility and also use the microphone on your computer.

Click Start, form privacy and also push Enter to accessibility Privacy settings.In the Setups window, in the left navigating pane, under App permissions, click the Microphone option.Under Allow apps to accessibility your microphone, click the toggle switch to On.Under Choose which apps can access your microphone, uncover Audacity and also click the toggle switch to On, to permit Audacity to use the microphone on your computer system.

After adhering to the steps above, attempt recording in Audacity to see if the problem is reresolved.

If the problem persists, move to the next troubleshooting area below.

Check for disabled devices

Sometimes sound devices have the right to be disabled accidentally or due to a trouble in Windows. Checking for disabled sound tools and allowing any kind of disabled devices deserve to resolve the difficulty in Audacity.

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These steps are for the Microsoft Windows operating device just.

Close the Audacity routine.Open the Sound option.Right-click anywhere in package where the devices are provided and select the Show Disabled Devices option, so that it has actually a check note.If a new tool is shown, right-click the new device(s) and pick Properties.Click OK till all various other home windows are closed.

After adhering to the actions above, try recording in Audacity to watch if the trouble is reresolved.

If the trouble persists, move to the next troubleshooting section below.

More troubleshooting options

If you still receive an error, try the adhering to troubleshooting options in order.

In Audacity, examine the sample rate. It is presented at the bottom left of the Audacity routine home window, labeled as "Project Rate (Hz)." 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz are the 2 most typically provided sample prices and sustained by a lot of sound cards. If a various sample price is used, try transforming to 44100 or 48000 to test if that works for recording.


Most conventional sound cards support 1 or 2 channels for audio. If Audacity is trying to document even more channels, it can reason an error to happen. In the Audacity food selection bar at the height, click Edit > Preferences, and also under the Devices area, verify the Channels choice is set to 1 or 2.

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The sound card in your computer system may not be functioning properly or Audacity is not able to detect it. Try rerelocating the sound card and also installing it aget in the computer, refounding the computer after removing it and after installing it. Test through Audacity after reinstalling the sound card to watch if the error is readdressed or if it persists.Try uninstalling Audacity, then download and also install the latest variation of Audacity, to solve feasible corruption or bugs via the Audacity software program presently on your computer system.
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