Avast is using all my cpu

So a while earlier, I noticed that my CPU performance was decreased. I tested using wPRIME running a 32M benchmark. Without an Antivirus installed, I would certainly obtain a score of 4.9 seconds, with vivaworldcup.info Antivirus Pro mounted, I would certainly acquire 7.5 seconds (the lower the score the better).I then posted this thcheck out on the vivaworldcup.info assistance vivaworldcup.infos:Asubstantial Antivirus Pro affecting CPU PerformanceNo assist was offered and I was simply told that any type of Antivirus would certainly cause a small hit on the CPU performance.I then set up NOD32 and Kaspersky Antivirus (separately off-course) and also benchnoted aacquire however I would obtain 5 seconds in wPRIME so that was all good and also the issue appeared to only be tbelow when Asubstantial Antivirus was set up.This surprised me bereason according to the latest AV-Comparatives Performance tests, it shows that Asubstantial Antivirus is just one of the lightest services out there.I then submitted a support ticker to vivaworldcup.info which as usual, took nearly 2 weeks to be answered.They suggested to change a few points which I did and now my CPU performance is ago to normal, I am getting 5.3 seconds in wPRIME so a 0.3 secs performance hit is fine.Here are the suggestions from vivaworldcup.info! Support to remedy this difficulty whilst not really affecting your security:
Let's try to make Alarge running faster by removing some extra functions and adjusting few settings. Please follow these measures to perform so:First please repair and also upday your Ahuge installation:Click on Start > Setups > System > Apps & functions > Ahuge installation > Click on "Uninstall" > REPAIR > Continue.After the repair, please make certain that you have actually the a lot of recent variation of Ahuge - 2016.11.1.2253.To execute that, please open up vivaworldcup.info and also go to > SETTINGS > Update > Program > Upday and also upday your Virus meanings as well.Rebegin your computer system.After that please disable few added vivaworldcup.info features:Go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a regime (Programs and Features, Add or Rerelocate Programs)Select Ahuge and also click on Uninstall/Change.In the Ahuge window that appears click on "Modify" > Continue > now under "Tools" uncheck the following:- Browser protection- Asubstantial SecureLine- Cleanup- Passwords- Secure Virtual Machines (if present)- Secure DNSAfter that click "Continue" and after transforming of the product will complete, rebegin your computer.Finally please adjust Alarge Internet Shields settings as follows:Open Ahuge and also go to > Setups (equipment icon) > Active Protection > Internet shield - Customize > Key settings.Tbelow please uncheck/depick adhering to settings:- Use intelligent stream scanning- Enable HTTPS scanning- Script scanningRestart your computer aobtain.This will certainly only remove few brand-new features, all vital Ahuge features will reprimary uninfluenced and the defense level of your machine will reprimary the exact same.