Avast mobile security not responding

Follow the actions in this post if Ahuge Mobile Security does not detect your passist subscription and the application screens No license found once you attempt to gain back your subscription from Google Play Store.

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The instructions in this write-up apply just if you purchased a passist version of Alarge Mobile Security using Google Play Store.
These steps can differ slightly depending upon your device design, Android version, and merchant customizations.

To clear Google Play Store data:

Open your tool Settings and go to Apps.
Select Google Play Store.
Tap StorageClear Data (or simply Clear Data). If prompted, tap OK to confirm.

Tap the Google Play Store symbol on the Home display of your tool to open the application. If prompted, accept the Terms of service. Open vivaworldcup.info Mobile Security, then tap Upgrade in the top-best edge.
Select (three dots) ▸ Already purchased?.
Tap Resave from Google Play.

The app should immediately retrieve and activate your Alarge Mobile Security subscription from Google Play Store.

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If clearing Google Play Store data did not fix your issue, follow these procedures to affix to the correct Google Account and also reclaim your purchase:

Tap the Google Play Store symbol on the Home screen of your gadget to open the application. Tap Menu (3 lines) in the top-left corner of the display.
If the account that you are currently logged in to is not the account that you provided throughout your purchase, follow the pertinent step below: At the top of the display screen, tap the symbol for the Google Account you used throughout purchase to switch to this account.
If you don't check out the correct account listed, refer to the following write-up from Google Play Help and also follow instructions under Switch between accountsSwitch accounts on the Google Play webwebsite on a mobile device:
If you carry out not remember which account you offered for purchase, tap AccountPurchase history to view a list of subscriptions assigned to the presently selected Google Account.
After installation, open the application and also tap Get StartedUpgrade Now.
Select (3 dots) ▸ Alall set purchased?.
Tap Restore from Google Play.

Ahuge Mobile Security have to now detect your subscription.

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More recommendations

If, after performing all measures from the instructions above, the application still does not detect your subscription, proceed as follows:

Contact Asubstantial vivaworldcup.info by following these steps: Open vivaworldcup.info Mobile Security and tap (three lines) in the top-left edge. Scroll dvery own and tap Assistance & vivaworldcup.info. Tap FAQs 5 times. Provide your email resolve and a thorough description of your issue. Then, tap Submit Blog post.

An vivaworldcup.info vivaworldcup.info representative will certainly call you as shortly as possible.