Avast not opening from tray

After installing asubstantial 5 the vivaworldcup.info icon won't display up in the task bar together with a number of various other programs I generally have running. Check job manager and they are running simply not getting here in the task bar.Anyone else have actually this issue?
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Got the same problem - in my case it's just the ahuge 5.0 icon that doesn't present up. In order to see it I have to open the alarge 5 application, uninspect "Show Icon in Taskbar" in Settings, and re-check it. The icon then mirrors up. Tried doing the over, then rebooting, yet still very same difficulty. Small annoyance yet would certainly favor to see some resolution to it.

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And you have actually tried alarge repair? and rebootingFor a repair of alarge. Windows, Add Rerelocate programs, pick 'vivaworldcup.info! Anti-Virus,' click the Change/Rerelocate button from the pop-up window, scroll dvery own to Repair, click following and follow.
Yup - did a repair and also then rebooted. Same trouble - no tray symbol in Windows. Only way I have the right to gain it is to open the alarge 5 regime, open up the settings food selection, then cshed the food selection. Icon then shows up.
This tray symbol problem was already addressed (I think in pre-release 394 build), main release will be obtainable within a hour.

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Nope - simply updated to 5.0.396, rebooted, and still missing the icon. Everything else appears to work OK - just no tray icon.

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Just an additional item of indevelopment about the absent tray icon. I have unmounted and remounted twice (latest variation 5.0396) (plus making use of awsclear.exe in safe mode) and still cannot acquire the tray symbol to present up. The ONLY method I can acquire the icon to present up is to open the vivaworldcup.info 5 primary routine window, then open up the Settings window, make sure that the check-boxes to display the symbol in the tray are checked (they currently were), then click the "OK" switch in the Setups home window. The icon instantly mirrors up when the Settings home window closes. It is as if the alarge regimen is not analysis the saved appearance settings on start-up. Happens through both the alarge cost-free variation and the Net Security trial variation.I recognize that most human being are not having this problem and also I apologize in development to the vivaworldcup.info but this is the only trouble I'm having actually via variation 5. Other than this everything is functioning fine. I recognize that the problem is somewright here in my device - any kind of ideas or help would be appreciated. By the method, for what it is worth, I had absolutely no icon problems through the previous version 4 regimen.My OS is Windows XP SP3.