Barracuda pro vs wd black

ReadAvg. Sequential Read Speed152 MB/sFaster read rate.+23% 124 MB/s
WriteAvg. Sequential Write Speed136 MB/sFaster create rate.+11% 122 MB/s
4K ReadAvg. 4K Random Read Speed1.22 MB/s4.76 MB/sHugely much faster random read.+290%
4K WriteAvg. 4K Random Write Speed2.45 MB/s2.67 MB/sSlightly quicker random create.+9%
MixedAvg. Sequential Mixed IO Speed86.9 MB/sFaster mixed IO rate.+15% 75.5 MB/s
4K MixedAvg. 4K Random Mixed IO Speed1.09 MB/sFaster random mixed IO.+25% 0.87 MB/s
SusWriteAvg. Sustained Write Speed132 MB/s132 MB/s

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ReadPeak Sequential Read Speed201 MB/s+5% 192 MB/s
WritePeak Sequential Write Speed174 MB/s178 MB/s+2%
4K ReadPeak 4K Random Read Speed1.5 MB/s7.9 MB/sHugely faster height random review.+427%
4K WritePeak 4K Random Write Speed3 MB/s3.9 MB/sMuch much faster top random create.+30%
MixedPeak Sequential Mixed IO Speed111 MB/s+4% 107 MB/s
4K MixedPeak 4K Random Mixed IO Speed1.2 MB/s1.2 MB/s
SusWritePeak Sequential Sustained Write 60s Average177 MB/s202 MB/sFaster optimal continual compose speed.+14%

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Market ShareMarket Share (trailing 30 days)0.68 %Insanely better market share.+∞% 0 %
ValueValue For Money20.4 %31.5 %Much much better worth.+55%
User RatingUBM User Rating58 %More well-known.+14% 51 %
PricePrice (score)$80Much cheaper.+72% $282

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This is the a lot of current variation (2013 FZEX) of Western Digital"s best percreating customer storage drive, its predecessor was the WD1002FAEX which is currently 4 years old. With average sequential read/write speeds of 150 MB/s this variation outpercreates its predecessor by a whopping 50%. Small file random 4K speeds have actually remained extensively unchanged through average read/write prices of 0.9/2.19 MB/s. Overall the 2013 WD Babsence has actually a really good performance profile and also it additionally represents reasonable value for money, at least in the 1TB category. There are some great choices to the 2013 Black consisting of the 2012 Blue. Looking at the 2013 Babsence vs 2012 Blue reflects that both drives have similar performance. Power usage (6.8/6.1 Watts active/idle) and noise levels (29.5 dBA) are likewise identical making it a challenging call between the 2. Tbelow is however, as constantly, better worth amongst the larger capacities.