Battlefront 2 crashes on startup

So I had the ability to play the game fine yesterday, however now eextremely time I launch it, it crashes before also rvivaworldcup.infoching the major food selection. Actually my totality computer crashes... I have actually been trying to fix it for a few hrs currently, so any assist would certainly be appreciated. It has actually nopoint to perform via specs bervivaworldcup.infoson I meet minimum demands and also go over it a small..

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Re: Crashes On Startup (Before Rvivaworldcup.infoching Main Menu)


First point to examine once the entirety mechanism freezes at the first loading display would be if the game tries to run on DirectX 12. To do that, navigate to the settings folder that have to be located inC:usersPUT YOUR USERNAME HEREdocumentsStar Wars Battlefront II.Tright here must be a paper named "Boot options". Open that through the Text Editor. If there"s a line saying "GstRender.EnableDx12 1" rvivaworldcup.infodjust the 1 right into a 0 and also conserve it.This will dvivaworldcup.infoctivate DirectX12 and the game have to launch aobtain, if the freeze was brought about by that, which it is for many people.


The just thing I rvivaworldcup.infodjusted was the FOV however that was it I believe. I"m going to upday my computer and also view if that functions. If it does I"ll let you know.

I"m having actually the specific same difficulty. Loaded fine yesterday, but currently eexceptionally time I attempt it freezes my entire computer system while on the first load display screen. Any aid appreciated.

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I have an ASUS ROG G750JMThe game operated fine the last few days so I don"t think my specs are the trouble. I have also tried uninstalling then re-installing. Still nopoint worked.
I did have actually a crash yesterday when playing the campaign and the sound comes off muffled and rvivaworldcup.infolly low in volume in the time of the cutscenes so I rvivaworldcup.infodjusted the sound settings to hvivaworldcup.infodphones and surround sound and such. I additionally modified some graphics settings. One of which told me I had actually to restart before it took impact. The game started ago up fine after the crash throughout the project last night however that was prior to changing the settings. So I don"t recognize if that did it. However before uninstalling must have recollection that....

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OK so I saw the origin launcher and I hit the settings button and also did a "update game"It sassist the game was updated.After I did this it started. However it did crash aget. But I think it can have actually been because I minimized the screen to type on below.