Battlenet waiting on another installation or update 2016

Overwatch is quickly one of the the majority of well-known games to play on PS4, Xbox One and COMPUTER ideal currently, arguably the standout game of 2016 so far, through Blizzard doing an excellent task in keeping the game updated through fresh content and also occasions.

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At times though, Overwatch can go dvery own all of a sudden with server troubles and also once that happens you have the right to usage this page to examine the Overwatch server standing through other players easily and also find out if maintenance is on, or if it’s an unplanned outage.

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Some of the a lot of regular Overwatch problems encompass ‘Game server link failed‘, which might be an worry that happens once is down or the starray ‘Overwatch is waiting on one more installation or update‘ error.

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Is Overwatch dvery own on Sunday April 4, 2021 and not working for you? List your platdevelop in our discussion section and look out for updays from PR editors when Blizzard article official statements about Overwatch server maintenance or main troubles.


Anyone else having problems with connecting to Overwatch on PS4???


So my game will not pack. It unmounted itself and also wont let me install it. Im obtaining an error of 0x87e1000c as soon as i try to open up the game on my xbox. Anyone else having this issue?

Jamie Bouwens

Trying to play overwatch on my laptop on June 12th, 2019 and it simply says it can’t affix and as soon as I try to sign in it won’t even let the login switch come to be “clickable”. It was job-related just 2 days ago and I can watch that my friends are playing it currently. Anyone have any kind of tips, services or explanations?

Tiffany type of Shirley

Trying play over watch on ps4 on June 5, 2019. 950 pm and I keep getting “error: disconnected”. Anyone know what’s happening?

Joe Ward

Been trying to play overwatch on Xbox one for a week and it gets to the title menu, says entering game and also after a lengthy time just comes up with lost link to game server (LC -202). I’ve tried soft reestablishing and hard resetting the consingle but nopoint. Got full internet connection as wellPlease aid