Best obs settings for bad pc

I have a COMPUTER with very low specs. It has a 2.00GHz Intel i3-5005u processor, included Intel HD Graphics 5500, 4Gb RAM and also 64-bit system. I want to record and also not stream my game. So, I request anyone to tell me the settings that have the right to provide me a lag-complimentary gaming and recording suffer.Note: The top quality deserve to be a little deteriorated. I do not want full HD content or such. Just a recording in which the game content is simply visible.Here is a log of my previous COD 4 recording:,Regards,TheMindlessBeastern.

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An i3-5005U is a really slow CPU. If you compare say a really excellent gaming CPU (favor the i9-9900K) versus an i3-5005U, you will view that the i9 is going to be 600-700% even more powerful. I say this for you to realize that is the gaming standard now. The onboard HD GPU you are using is additionally extremely slow-moving. The traditional GPU this day is a RTX 2060 or GTX 1070. The difference in performance versus your HD Graphics 5500 is that the GTX 1070 is 1800% quicker than your HD 5500.So in summary, your computer is not intended for gaming versus todays standards.

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Its designed for basic computing usage.Even though you deserve to usage it to game, adding OBS on top of it to capture will stress it out even more. The kinds of games you deserve to usage it for are reduced end FPS forms. Not for initially perchild shooters that demand also high FPS as its going to stress and anxiety your computer, let alone be unplayable. You must be doing at leastern 60FPS to be competitive and to make your recordings look normally great. Even 60FPS is on the low end. Many FPS gamers carry out 144FPS and above these days.Which brings me to your viewers that will certainly be watching your content. Those that play COD carry out so at high FPS and also mean to watch others playing at high FPS. If they watch your recordings, the fluidity and also slowdown is going to be obvious and a lot of most likely, few will certainly even watch it.So I think you know this already. You really need a far better computer system. I just wanted to say the over to wrap your head about what you are taking care of and not to suppose a lot via your computer.Here"s some suggestions on how you have the right to try to make points a little better:- Turn dvery own all in game video settings to their lowest. Its not going to make the game look its best yet will mitigate CPU/GPU pack.- Reduce OBS recording resolution to 16:9 ratio 720p (1280x720) or 480p (854x480) and usage Bicubic downrange filter.- Lower OBS FPS to 24 or 30- Set OBS Audio sampling price to the lowest to conserve some bits - 44.1khz- Avoid running services and various other applications while you play. Its simply your game and OBS Studio just.