Bioshock 2 crash to desktop

You newly install Bioshock 2 Remastered and proceed playing for around 10 minutes, and then, a crash kills all your gameplay, and you don’t also have actually time to conserve it? Well, this is a massive error, all individuals from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has endure the annoying consistent crashes ad also freezes in the game.

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I was among them, and I tried a number of means to deal with this worry, and also that’s why I will certainly leave below some of the finest techniques that I discover, and also that functions.


Method #1: Steam Fix

This will certainly be the initially method that I will certainly give you, yet it is rather progressed and entails several actions. I found this overview on Steam some time ago and also works favor a charm, and it fixes the problem for great.

Note: I try this overview just on an NVIDIA GPU, if you have actually an AMD GPU, you should find the appropriate settings.

Unzip the file downpack and also then double click on nvidiaProfileInspector.exeWhen the programs open, open the dropdown menu Profiles and also tright here pick Bioshock 2 RemasteredOnce done, click on the button Apply Changes at the upper right and also cshed the programOnce in the Data Explorer open the folder BioshockHD and also later the folder Bioshock2Tbelow, double click the file Bioshock2SP.iniIn the Notepad, under the section change the complying with lines:

UseVSync = False;UseMultithreadedRendering = True;UseMultithreadedRendering=0;UseVSync=1;Now, under the area adjust the line: VSync=FalseSave the changes in the Notepad and also close itNow, you can open Bioshock 2 remastered as usual and also try to play the game, and also sucount you will view no even more crashes.I recognize that these an extensive approach, however it is the one that works on my computer system, yet if you still watch crashes, you deserve to attempt the other approaches below.

Method #2: Upday Graphics Card

The adhering to piece of advice that I will provide you bereason it will certainly resolve numerous troubles on your computer, consisting of the crashing on Bioshock 2 Remastered.

You have the right to visit your GPU manufacturer to download the latest version, or if you have Windows 10, you have the right to use Windows Update to find them.

Windows will certainly start to search for obtainable updates for all your tools also including the mechanism itself

You can likewise use and automate software that will downpack the latest drivers for your GPU, and I recommfinish you Driver Booster.

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Now it will certainly start to scan all your mounted tools and then it will display the obtainable updatesWait for Driver Booster to install the latest driver for your GPU and also later on open up Bioshock 2 remastered to verify that there are no even more crashes

Method #3: Change Video Game Resolution

You might desire to play this game via the highest resolution because your GPU has actually the power to carry out so. But actually, Bioshock 2 Remastered has actually several troubles that could crash your game, and also some customers have actually reported that they efficiently deal with this problem by reducing the game resolution.

You desire to recognize how to perform this, follow these steps:

Open the game and then click SettingsTright here you will your existing in-game resolution, move the slider to the left to reduce it and also click ApplyThen, try to play Bioshock 2 Remastered aget, and also hopecompletely, the issue will be fixed

Method #4: Update Bioschock 2 Remastered

Bioshock developer has identified this concern, and also they try to settle it in the patch updays that they released. At the time of writing these short articles, there has been publimelted numerous bug patches that solve numerous problems in the game.

Maybe when you review this, there is another patch that you can install on your computer system that can resolve the constat crashes on the game. So, if you buy the game from Steam, try to examine for updates periodically to resolve this difficulty.

Method #5: Disable Steam Overlay

On Steam, tbelow is a useful overlay that allows you usage various features. These attributes come in handy once you are streaming or recording your video game, yet on Bioschok 2 Remastered can the factor why your game is constantly crashing.

You can disable Steam overlay complying with these steps:

Open the Steam ClientGo to your Gamings Library

Method #6: Reinstall the Game

You have actually complied with all the tips and also methods that I give you over, however your game still crashes? Well, you have actually the ultimate alternative, reinstall the game.

I know that sounds a tiny tough, however it might fix any type of problem with your game data. You have the right to execute this following these measures.

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Open the Steam client and go to your games LibraryConfirm the activity and also wait for Steam to uninstall the gameOnce done, restart your computer and also open up SteamNow, go to the Games Library and also install the game as usual

So much, those were the finest tips and also techniques that you can try to deal with this crashing problem on Bioshock 2 Remastered. If you have an additional method to settle this, let me understand in the comments section to include it to the article, I know I would certainly be helpful to the community.