Bittorrent former volume not mounted

Some Windows customers are reporting that they randomly view the ‘Former volume not mounted‘ error in their torrent client. Upon widening the error, the message says that access to the disc wright here the documents are stored is not available. This problem is reported to occur on the majority of renowned torrent clients consisting of BitTorrent, Utorrent, and also Vusage.

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Accessing the Appdata folder of uTorrentInside the uTorrent folder from Appdata, right-click resume.dat and also pick Edit via Notepad++ from the freshly showed up context food selection.

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Editing the resume.dat file making use of Notepad++

Note: At this point, it might be a great concept to copy the resume.dat file in instance you end up making a modification that breaks it. You have the right to earlier this file up ssuggest by copying the file and pasting it onto a various drive or folder.Once the file is opened up in Notepad++, usage the ribbon at the height to accessibility Search, then click on Relocation.

Using the Replace attribute in Notepad++Once you’re inside the Replace home window, set the Find what box to the incorrect route (e.g. C:Downloads), then collection the Replace via a box through the correct route (e.g. D:Downloads).Next off, kickbegin the relocation operation by clicking the Rearea All button.

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Replacing every negative circumstances with the correct identical making use of Notepad++Next, save the adjustments you operated on the file and also make sure you store the name specifically the exact same.Finally, rebegin your computer and check out if the concern is currently readdressed by opening uTorrent when the next startup is finish.