Black desert online file corrupt

Lately many kind of players are reporting the Black Desert Online crashing problem and complained it’s literally unplayable. If you’re facing the same predicament, don’t despair. In this article, we’ll walk you via 6 tried-and-tested fixes to obtain your game work-related aacquire.

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Fixes to try:

You don’t should attempt them all, simply work the means dvery own until you discover the one that does the trick for you.

Fix 1 – Repair the game files

Game file corruption is recognized as the main culprit of game crashes, however it’s regularly not hard to fix. Sindicate choose the platcreate you’re utilizing and also follow the measures to validate your game documents.

If you’re on Black Desert Online launcher

1) Open the Babsence Desert Online launcher and log in through your account. Then click the cogwheel icon on the best corner.


2) Click the Click to start button alongside Repair Mode.


3) Click Yes.

Wait for the repair process to finish, and relaunch your game to watch just how it functions. If the game still crashes, check out Fix 2 below.

If the Click to start switch isn’t clickable and also display screens in the grey state, you can pressure the repair mode in this way:

Navigate to the Black Desert Online installation folder (Normally C:/Program Files(x86)/Babsence Desert Online). Then, delete the variation.dat file.


Follow the on-display instructions to go via repairs. Then, relaunch your game and watch if the crashing problem is addressed. If not, please examine out Fix 2.

If you’re on Steam

1) Launch Steam and click the Library tab.


2) From the game list, right-click Black Desert Online and click Properties.

3) Click the Local files tab, and also click Verify integrity of game files.


After the repairing process is done, you can launch the game to examine if it’s playable currently. If not, head towards the next settle.

Fix 2 – Close background applications

When multiple applications are running in the background concurrently, your Babsence Desert Online might crash due to limited sources or software disputes. It’s an excellent concept to shut dvery own various other unnecessary programs before you begin playing.

1) Right-click any kind of empty room on the taskbar and also click Task Manager.


2) Right-click the application you want to close and click End task.


Don’t finish any kind of programs you’re unfamiliar through, as they may be crucial for the functioning of your computer system.

Launch Babsence Desert Online and see if the crashing worry goes away. If not, continue with the following settle below.

Fix 3 – Upday your graphics driver

Graphics card driver matters a lot to your gaming performance. A corrupted or outdated graphics driver have the right to trigger assorted issues prefer game freezing and also crashing. If you don’t remember the last time you checked for driver updates, certainly do it now as it can fix the Babsence Desert Online crash best ameans.

Tright here are 2 methods you have the right to update the graphics driver: manually or automatically.

Option 1 – Update the graphics driver manually

Graphics card manufacturers store releasing new drivers to tackle the compatibility problems via brand-new game patches and also improve the display performance. To gain the correct graphics driver, initially go to their websites:

Then, uncover the graphics driver matching with your particular flavor of Windows variation (for instance, Windows 32 bit). Then, downpack it and install it step by action.

Option 2 – Upday the graphics driver automatically

If you don’t have the time, patience or computer skills to upday your video driver manually, you can, rather, perform it immediately through Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will certainly instantly acknowledge your mechanism and also uncover the correct motorists for your graphics card, and also your Windows variation, and also it will downfill and also install them properly.

1) Download and install Driver Easy.

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2) Run Driver Easy and also click the Scan Now switch. Driver Easy will certainly then scan your computer and also detect any type of trouble drivers.


3) Click the Update button beside the flagged graphics driver to instantly download the correct variation of that driver, then you have the right to manually install it (you deserve to execute this with the FREE version).

Or click Update All to immediately downfill and install the correct variation of all the motorists that are missing or out of day on your device. (This requires the Pro version which comes via full assistance and also a 30-day money earlier guarantee. You’ll be triggered to upgrade once you click Update All.)

You deserve to carry out it for cost-free if you choose, but it’s partly hand-operated.
The Pro version of Driver Easycomes through complete technological assistance. If you need assistance, please contactDriver Easy’s support teamatsupport

Does Black Desert Online run smovarious other now? Or does the game still crash for no reason? If the latter, check out the next solve then.

Fix 4 – Clear the game cache

The corrupted game cache is likewise a widespread cause of Black Desert Online crashing. You deserve to clear the game cache to watch whether that stops the crash. Here’s how:

1) Close your game client.

2) On your key-board, press the Windows logo key and also E at the same time to open up the Data Explorer.

3) Click Documents, and also double-click the Babsence Desert folder.


4) Click the UserCache folder and push the Delete key on your keyboard.


5) Navigate to the Black Desert Online installation folder (Generally C:/Program Files(x86)/Black Desert Online). Then, delete the Cache folder.


Restart your game to test the issue. If it still persists, save analysis the following solve.

Fix 5 – Delete the xcorona file

Deleting the xcorona file functions favor a charm for many type of players stuck in the very same Black Desert Online crashing instance. Give it a swarm to watch if this deal with uses to your scenario too.

1) Navigate to Babsence Desert Online installation folder > bin64 > xc > na > 1, and delete the xcorona.xem file.

2) Go to the Black Desert Online installation folder > bin64 > xc > na > 2, and delete the xcorona.xem file.

Now check if your game runs perfectly without any kind of crashes. If this strategy still doesn’t work-related, try the last one.

Fix 6 – Percreate a fresh reinstevery one of Black Desert Online

If all else over couldn’t stop the endmuch less crashing, it’s much better for you to reinstall Babsence Desert Online, as this will settle stubborn underlying concerns.

1) On your key-board, press the Windows logo design key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box.


2) Type appwiz.cpl in the field and click OK.


3) Right-click Black Desert Online, and also click Uninstall.


After you uninstall the program, make sure to clean up the remaining records. This takes a couple of steps:

4) On your keyboard, push the Windows logo design key and also E at the same time to open the File Explorer. Then, type %appdata% in the top bar and push Enter.


5) Delete the BlackDesertOnline folder.


6) Type %localappdata% in the optimal bar of the File Explorer and press Enter. Then, delete the BlackDesertOnline folder.


So much you’ve entirely rerelocated the regime. Download Black Desert Online aget and the newly-mounted game have to be functioning without problems.

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Hopetotally you’ve fixed Babsence Desert Online crashing on COMPUTER via one of the fixes. Any suggestions or inquiries are appreciated, and also you can write-up them in the comment section listed below.