Black ops 3 has stopped working fix

Call of Duty is one of the a lot of played games everywhere the world. But still, it has some technical fault. Some CoD gamers and Battlearea 3 players also, that are making use of NVIDIA graphics card have actually faced sporadic crashes while playing this game.They often complaints that blackops3.exe has actually stopped working on their Windows 10 gadgets.

This difficulty mostly affects the GTX580 individuals as this error is directly pertained to the undervolted CPU cores. Furthermore, this error additionally stays clear of the game from running appropriately. 

Easy Hacks to Fix the ‘Black Ops 3.exe has actually Stopped Working’ Issue:

There are a ton of options to settle this error instantly. You have the right to likewise percreate the below hacks in their very same order to remove this error.

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Fix 1: Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

As we discussed earlier, NVIDIA graphics card vehicle drivers are one of the major causes behind this difficulty to take place. Because of this, you can try out to reinstall this to remove this concern. Here’s exactly how to perform this: 

First of all, push the Success vital and R simultaneously from the key-board to open up the Run Dialog box. Then, kind “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box and also push the Enter key to open the list of programs that are set up on the system. Search for the ‘Nvidia GeForce Experience’ option by scrolling the list of programs. Once you obtain that click twice on it and also complete the uninstallation process by complying with the on-display prompts. 


Note: You can additionally pick the ‘Further NVIDIA applications’ to remove them from the mechanism. 

Now, visit the official website of NVIDIA and downfill the ‘GeForce Experience’ from there. After downloading the ‘GeForce Experience’, go to the place wbelow you have actually saved that and also open up it. Now, begin the installation process and also finish it by following the on-display prompts.

After reinstalling ‘GeForce Experience’, you deserve to also attempt to play the seconds mission of CoD to check if the concern is addressed. 

Fix 2: Verify the Cache of the Game

If you are a user of Steam, then you deserve to try to verify the cache of the game as soon as again.

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To execute this, you deserve to follow the actions stated below: 

In the beginning, launch the Steam application. Then, navigate to the game library. Afterward, right-click on the Game (BlackOps). Choose the Properties alternative from the list. Then, navigate to the Local Files tab and tap on the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’ option. 

After doing this, you deserve to attempt to open the BlackOps when aacquire to examine if it starts to run. 

Fix 3: Activate Developer Mode

According to Microsoft, tright here are games over there that are not compatible via Windows 10 Operating System. Hence, you deserve to run such a game by enabling the Developer mode.


Here are the measures that you can follow to activate the developer mode of the Call of Duty. 

First and forea lot of, push I and Win crucial simultaneously from the keyboard to open up the Settings choice. Open you enter the Settings home window, navigate to the ‘Update and also Security’ category.Afterward, go to the ‘For Developers’ tab from the left pane of the screen. Next off, inspect the ‘Developer Mode’ box to permit the Developer mode. Lastly, rebegin the device to apply the settings and also check if the error is reresolved. 

Fix 4: Modify the Startup Setups of the Game

Cevery one of Duty is a 32-bit game and if you are a user of a 64-little bit Operating System, then it could be the substantial reason behind this concern. But, don’t concern, tbelow are some tricks to run the CoD on a 64-little mechanism.


You can do this by editing and enhancing the startup settings of the game. To perform this, take a quick glance at the steps explained below: 

First, open the Windows Explorer by pressing the Victory key and E both at the same time from the keyboard. Then, go to the address: “C:Program Documents (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCevery one of Duty Black Ops.”Now, right-click the ‘exe’ and choose the Properties option from the list. Afterward, navigate to the Compatibility tab and also then tick package that prompts ‘Run this regimen in compatibility mode for.’ Next off, choose the ‘Windows 7’ choice from the dropdvery own food selection. Now, go back to the Setups tab. Apply the adhering to settings and also tap on the OK switch. Tick the ‘Reduced shade mode’ box and also then set it to 16-little bit. Check the box that prompts ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI Settings.’Thereafter, right-click the Application symbol and choose the ‘New’ choice from the list. Then, click the ‘Desktop Shortcut’ choice. 

Now, you deserve to attempt to run the game when aobtain. 

Fix 5: Install DirectX End-User Runtimes

If all the over methods fail to solve the ‘blackops3.exe has stopped working’ issue, then you can install DirectX End-User Runtimes to get rid of this issue. 


How to Install DirectX End-User Runtimes? 

First of all, visit the official webwebsite of Microsoft and also downfill the DirectX End-User Runtimes. Afterward, go to the folder where you have conserved the DirectX End-User Runtimes. Open the ‘DirectX 9.0c Redistributable’ installer with the directx_Jun2010_redist.exe file. Perdevelop the installation procedure by complying with the on-display screen prompts. 

Now, you can try to open up the game to examine whether the issue has been resolved or not.