Black ops 3 has stopped working on launch




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I offered to play Babsence ops 3 without any type of problems few months ago. This week I tried to play however it does not work. When I start it the display became black and also it gives the error ""Blackops3.exe Has stopped working"". I"m certain it isn"t an antivirus difficulty, I have actually avast cost-free. I unistalled and also reinstalled the game, but nothing alters.Anyone can offer me some solution? Ty.

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Add Babsence Ops 3 game folder to your Antivirus and also Firewall exemption list. AVAST and also AVG are recognized to have concerns. Add BO3 folder to the exception list to fix this.Perform a clean boot per instruction and also only begin up bare minimum programs, CAM and also MSI AFterburner are known software application that may have actually conflict with BO3
This connect may prove helpful:
Guys this is happening to me. Brand also new develop. 3000 hrs of play time and also began prefer 3 or 4 months earlier considering that chronicles came out currently i have actually 4 or 5 exe crashes in a 4 hour duration.Windows 10. Ryzen 1600Msi 1080 gaming x16gb corsair led ddr4300meg connevtionDone all usualVerify cacheReinstall exeRemounted gameRan home windows in developerPorts open up - open nat.No firewall. Only home windows defender and vapor and also bo3 are set as exceptions.Enable bo3 and vapor as admin...Tbelow is only bo3. Steam and winoptimiser along with peripheral vehicle drivers...nothing else.Activision assist desk is useless...
Same right here, 500hrs played and also having actually the problem lately. Win10 also. Think the difficulty is concerned a new win update. Played one more 1hr without worry (launched the game as admin yet not certain this is the trick, looked prefer I had actually no "multi starter fill player" in the lobby whereas I had actually ones once I crashed on the various other games, could be related) happening every 3 or 4 games last 2 days.Upday 24.1 is now live!GeneralSecurity Upday.Stability and also compatibility enhancements.MultiplayerAddressed an concern that might cause players to crash to desktop computer at the finish of a complement.
How would certainly i put Cevery one of Duty Black Ops 3 right into my exception list. the measures might be slightly different depending upon anti-virus software program you"re using. the one listed below is informing how it"s done for home windows defender. if you usage a different anti-virus routine, you can search it on google, as "just how to add an exclusion to ".
How would i put Call of Duty Black Ops 3 into my exception list. the actions might be slightly various depending on anti-virus software you"re making use of. the one listed below is telling how it"s done for windows defender. if you use a various anti-virus program, you deserve to search it on google, as "how to include an exemption to ". I have webroot as well and I tried to search It up and stuff, however I couldn"t discover it.

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I looked around for control settings I couldn"t discover anypoint, but It does say I usage webroot. Do you have an idea of wbelow It could be for webroot security.

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