Bootcamp startup disk does not have enough space

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I am currently trying to install bootcamp, but i am suffering the complying with error: " startup disk does not have enough area to be partitioned." " must have at least 42GB of cost-free area easily accessible." have checked my storage and also i have 62GB accessible storage. I have checked and also my Time machine is switched off and I have actually additionally tried sudo tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 999999999999 in terminal and still not functioning. I would certainly really appreciate if someone have the right to help. I am making use of macOS Mojave. Thanks

Not sure if it is still this means, but ago in the day, your complimentary room had actually to be contiguous and also not spread outYou can clone to another disk and also clone earlier to acquire whatever written consecutively and also put the totally free room together
Not sure if it is still this way, but earlier in the day, your complimentary space had to be contiguous and not spcheck out outYou could clone to another disk and clone ago to gain everything composed consecutively and also put the complimentary area together
If you are using APFS (not HFS+) on a single-disk Mac (such as the MacBook Pro 2012 Retina or later), using the Terminal app, type in the complying with and also write-up the results:diskutil ap resizeContainer /dev/disk0s2 limits(IMPORTANT: don" forgain the word "" at the end.)If you are not using APFS or have multiple disks, in Terminal, form in " list" and also short article the outcomes. Or, if the amount you gain for the " Physical Store partition size" doesn" match your disk, also run the " list" command and post the results.For instance, on my computer, if I type this in, I get:Resize boundaries for APFS Physical Store partition disk0s2: Current Physical Store partition size on map: 499.9 GB (499898105856 Bytes) Minimum (constrained by file/snapswarm usage): 179.4 GB (179415547904 Bytes) Recommfinished minimum (if provided through macOS): 190.2 GB (190152966144 Bytes) Maximum (constrained by partition map space): 499.9 GB (499898105856 Bytes)and I" using just 73GB. So tright here is a difference in what is being used and also what the OS will permit my APFS container to size to (and hence, exactly how a lot deserve to be provided for Boot Camp).