Bootcamp stuck on partitioning disk

I was stuck with this for a few days, it keeps stuck on partitioning and it not freeze because I have the right to still watch the blue bar moving (animation)

If someone is able to help me on teamviewer which would be too big.

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I really require help via this bereason I rerelocated 10 Windows from my Mac and also I really want to now.

Of Osama Abassi


Hello Cloudeez,

Thank you for utilizing areas of Apple Support.

I watch that your computer seems to be suspfinished when you partition your difficult drive for the training camp.

Try the following:(1) leave the training camp.(2) open disk utility(3) pick your drive that suits and also in the first tab, click on "repair disk".

Then you should have the ability to go through spring training erected aget.

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I had actually the partition, bootcamp for windows 7 and also I had actually brought back the bootcamp. Bootcamp deleted the partition, but it could not reclaim the main HD storage size. How to gain back the totally free room.

Hello there, elixir_125.

Looks prefer you"re wanting to reformat the difficult drive on your MacBook to delete the Bootcamp partition. The following Knowledge Base post supplies up how to execute this:

How to reinstall OS X on your Mac

Wipe your drive and also install OS X

Usually, you don"t need to erase your startup disk to reinstall OS X. The OS X Installer is designed to enable you to perdevelop an installation in location during the same variation or earlier versions of Mac OS X. If you carry your Mac to a new owner, you can clear your integrated boot disk before you reinstall OS X.

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Important: Before you remove and reinstall, earlier up your essential files. If you are using a MacBook, MacPublication Air or MacPublication Pro, make sure that the power adapter is associated and also plugged all by performing the adhering to steps.

You deserve to usage these steps to erase papers on your startup drive and install a fresh copy of OS X:

Before you begin, make sure that your Mac is linked to the Net.When the recoextremely home window, select disk utility, then click on proceed.Select the volume name back from your startup disk in the left side of the disk energy window, then click Delete.If you desire to erase the disc safely, click Security Options. Select an erasing technique, and then click OK.On the Format menu, select Mac OS extended (journaled). Type a name for your drive, and also then click clear.After that the drive is deleted, cshed the disk energy window.Select the choice to reinstall OS X.

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