Bootmgr image is corrupt the system cannot boot


There are 2 services in this write-up to assist you deal with the problem easily that “BOOTMGR image is corrupted the device cannot boot”. In addition, before solving the worry, this article shows exactly how to recuperate lost information brought about by this difficulty through MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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BOOTMGR, short for Windows Boot Manger, is a little piece of software program located on either the mechanism or the boot partition that helps Windows 10, Windows 8, Window 7 and also Windows Vista operating mechanism begin.

How does it work?

For Windows Vista, the boot sector or UEFI lots the Windows Boot Manager, accesses the BCD save and also uses the indevelopment to pack the operating system. Then the BCD invokes the boot loader to initiate the Windows Kernel. 

To be more particularly, the booting process is:

BIOS-->MBR-->DPT-->PDR--> BOOTMGR-->BCD-->Winfill.exe-->Windows Kernel-->totality operating system

Please note that if tright here are multiple operating units in your computer, you will certainly obtain an interconfront for choosing the operating device to load in a couple of seconds.

However before, when you power on your computer system, you may acquire the message “BOOTMGR iamge is corrupted the system cannot boot.”

Don’t problem. This write-up will present you some services to address the problem by yourself.

Recover Your Lost Documents Before Fixing Bootmgr Image Is Corrupted Windows 10

Since the corrupted BOOTMGR picture might reason information loss on your hard drive. As such, it is extremely recommended you to recuperate information in advance in instance of information loss with the help of MiniDevice Partition Wizard.

Note: This procedure will use Bootable Media function of the software program. Therefore, the better choice is to select MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate, one edition among the six. If you want to learn even more information around its editions, you deserve to click right here.

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In respect that the system cannot boot, you should prepare one functioning computer and also a USB or a CD/DVD in development, and also then downfill MiniDevice Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate by clicking the available button.

The major measures that aid you recoup information as soon as the device cannot boot will certainly be briefly shown in the adhering to content. Follow them to recoup your essential data from the difficult disk.

Step 1: Plug the prepared USB right into the working computer system or insert the prepared CD/DVD right into its CD/DVD burner.

Step 2: Download the software application and then launch it to access its main interconfront. Click Bootable Media in the top appropriate edge of the main interconfront to create a bootable USB, CD or DVD.


Tip 3: Plug the bootable USB into the original computer system which operating mechanism cannot boot or put bootable CD or DVD right into it.

Step 4: Rebegin the computer system and also Press F2 or another essential to enter BIOS menu. Change boot settings to make your computer system boot from the USB or CD/DVD flash drive.

Step 5: select boot from MiniDevice Partition Wizard in the brand-new pop-up home window.

Step 6: Enter the major interconfront of MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate to recoup information conveniently and also successfully by clicking Data Recovery. This feature have the right to aid you recover information from hard disk drive, USB and also so on.


MiniDevice Partition Wizard is a wonderful software application to assist me recoup information from my difficult disk although my computer cannot boot.Click to tweet

Now, the lost information led to by BOOTMGR photo corrupt has been recovered successfully via the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate. Let’s see exactly how to fix the problem that the BOOTMGR image is corrupted.

Equipment 1: Using Startup Repair

For this solution, tbelow are three means, namely using the Windows Installation Disc, utilizing a bootable USB drive and utilizing Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE. You deserve to follow the guides to resolve the worry.

Way 1: Using Windows Installation Disc

If tright here is a Windows installation disc in hand also, you have the right to directly follow the adhering to steps.

Tip 1: Power off your computer.

Tip 2: Insert the Windows installation disc to your computer system, and then restart your computer.

Tip 3: Select language, time and keyword settings, and then click Next off.


Step 4: Click Repair your computer in the lower left edge of the Install currently display screen.


Step 5: Select the operating mechanism you want to usage.

Step 6: Click Troubleswarm switch, Advanced Options button and also select Startup Repair button.


Step 7: Select your account, type your account passwords, and also click the Continue switch. Please note that as soon as you have completed the above measures, the Startup Repair feature will certainly proceed to sdeserve to, detect, and also deal with any troubles that might stop your gadget from loading appropriately.

Step 8: Wait while Startup Repair scans and also repairs the concerns.

Way 2: Using a Bootable USB Drive

If you want to deal with the BOOTMGR picture corrupt without Windows installation disc, you have the right to attempt this means via which you deserve to also access the State-of-the-art settings environment. 

Note: If tright here is no bootable USB drive available, produce one by downloading and install the Media Creation Device from Microsoft’s website.

Step 1: Power off your computer system.

Step 2: Insert the USB flash drive with Windows Media Creation tool into the USB port.

Tip 3: Power on your computer aget.

Step 4: When your computer starts up, please boot your computer system from USB.

Note: If your computer system isn’t founding from the USB flash drive, you have to readjust your system’s BIOS settings to make sure it deserve to boot from USB.

Step 5: Repeat operating Step 3 to Step 8 in Way 1.

Way 3: Using Bootrec.exe Device in the Windows RE

It you have actually tried the Startup Repair option in the System Recoextremely Options dialog box, and discover that the over two ways fail to address the worry that BOOTMGR picture is corrupted Windows 10, you deserve to try this means using Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows RE.

Bootrec.exe utility is a tool offered by Microsoft Recovery Environment, or the Windows RE that is a recoincredibly platform based upon Windows Preinstallation Environment.

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This utility deserve to help you troubleshoot and repair things like the understand boot record (MBR), the boot sector or the Boot Configuration Documents (BCD) store.

How to access the utility? Tright here are two choices available.

Boot into the recovery mode of your Windows to acquire Command Prompt.Get the original installation disc of your Windows versions to accessibility System Recoincredibly.

If you have Windows installation disc, you deserve to follow the complying with steps:

Step 1: Insert the Windows installation disc.

Tip 2: Reboot the mechanism.

Step 3: Press any kind of key at the “Press any type of essential to boot” message.

Step 4: Click Repair your computer.

Step 5: Select Troubleshoot, State-of-the-art options and also then click Command Prompt.

Tip 6: When Command also Prompt shows up, kind the command also bootrec.exe and also hit Go into to view the options that are easily accessible for this tool.

The adhering to options are all sustained by Bootrec.exe, and also you have the right to usage the option that is proper for your case.

bootrec/FixMbr:creating a Windows Vista and also Windows 7 compatible MBR to the device partition.bootrec/FixBoot: creating a brand-new boot sector to the mechanism partition. If your device is Windows 10, FixBoot will create a Windows 10-compatible boot sector and so on.bootrec/ScanOs: scanning the hard drives for any installations. ScanOs will certainly additionally print installations that are not presently in the BCD.bootrec/RebulidBcd: scanning for installations on your hard drive and enables you to choose which to add to the BCD.

Tip 8: When you are finimelted via Command also Prompt, click Exit, press Enter and rerelocate the DVD/USB from the drive.

Let’s check out just how to usage Bootrec.exe without Windows installation disc to settle the problem that BOOTMGR iamge is corrupted Windows 10.

Step 1: Reboot computer.

Step 2: Press Shift and F8 on the keyboard until the Windows logo shows up.

Tip 3: Select language, time and also keyword settings, and also then click Next.

Step 4: Select Repair Your Computer in the reduced left edge at the Install now display.

Repeat the step 5 to action 8 which have been shown in the content about utilizing Bootrec.exe through Windows installation disc.

Equipment 2: Reinstall Windows

If the over means all fail to troubleshoot the issue that BOOTMGR photo is corrupted, possibly there are some troubles in your difficult drive.

How to make sure if tright here are negative sectors on difficult drive? MiniTool Partition Wizard deserve to aid you to check your tough drive.

Note: You should repeat the operations pointed out in the content around structure a bootable USB or CD/DVD through the assist of MiniDevice Partition Wizard in order to use the Surchallenge Test function of this software application.

Surchallenge Test feature aims to aid you examine the standing of your tough drive.

Tip 1: Access the primary interchallenge of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Tip 2: Click the disk or partition and pick Surconfront Test from the left panel.


Tip 3: Click Start Now in the brand-new pop-up window to permit the feature to examine your disk or partition. The software will certainly instantly test the surface and show the outcome.


Tip 4: Wait for some minutes after clicking Start Now. You will see tright here are some green or red squares showing up.

Step 5: Click OK in the brand-new pop-up window. 

After completion of Surchallenge Text, if there are all green squares, it means tright here is no poor sector on your hard drive. What you need to do is reinstalling operating device.

Bottom Line

There are 2 remedies to help you solve the problem that “BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The device cannot boot”. Hope you deserve to settle the issue successfully by adhering to them.

If tright here is any type of question or advice, you can contact us through or leave message listed below this article. Thanks.

BOOTMGR Image Is Corrupt FAQ

Windows Boot Manager is a tiny piece of energy software set up to the boot volume (the tiny amount of area booked on the hard drive) that defines the means the computer system starts up.

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The software application usually works in the background when you rotate on your computer, automatically loading your Windows Installation.