Bootrec scanos finds no os

Is the error on your display screen saying total identified home windows installations 0 baffling you regarding what your next action is and also how to rectify it. This short article helps you through simply that.


With eincredibly operating mechanism comes difficulties out of hindering the performance of our units. Sometimes out of the blue and also periodically in the most unmeant times. Many of the time the problem is recurring with the startup procedure and also It leaves us helpless not discovering what to do and if doing somepoint will certainly help or reason even more damages occasionally. So normally, whenever before the total figured out windows installations 0 error pops up on the display the majority of of us are transresolved and uncertain of what our following relocate is going to be. This short article will assist via various means to assist you settle that problem.

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Caoffers of Total Identified Windows Installations: 0Error

Tbelow are mostly 2 widespread reasons for this error to happen on your computer and discovering these might aid you prevent the error in the initially area also.

first Cause: Data system integrity is compromised

This occurs as soon as we unknowingly switch our pc off while it is creating crucial data to the boot zone. This causes our file devices to be corrupted or damaged resulting in the error.

2nd Cause: Corrupted or lacking Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD)

This is one of the most frequently emerging reasons of error as it is mainly out of our regulate. This contains power outeras, booting sector virprovides affecting the COMPUTER, disk writing worries, or errors made while configuring the BCM manually.

Solutions to solve "Total determined windows installations 0"

Solution 1: Perform System Restore

This is the most basic way to deal with the error as this ssuggest entails rolling the pc earlier to a allude (manually saved earlier) once the error didn"t exist on the PC.

Tip 1 - Right-click on "My Computer" or "Mp Pc" Icon on your desktop and click on "Properties". Now click on "System Protection" which opens a device to gain back the window.


In case you desire to produce a regain suggest manually, you can usage the "Create" choice to collection one up to usage later.


This is the most effective method of dealing with the error. However, it is just efficient if there is a restore allude developed to a time before the error emerged.

Equipment 2: Repair BCD with Windows installation Disc or the third-party tool

1. With Windows Installation Disc (complex)

For this, you will require your Windows installation DVD disc and a reliable strategy of dealing with the error.

Step 1 - First put the DVD in the drive and rebegin the system. Now you will certainly have to start the boot to get to the install alternative on the PC. Once on the install page, you will certainly need to click the "Repair your computer"


Step 2 – Choose "Troubleshoot" adhered to by "Command also Prompt".

Tip 3 - Once in the command also prompt, we will must use the complying with regulates to assist us with the repair.

bcdedit / export c:bcdbackup - To develop a earlier up of your partition "C".attrib c:ootcd –h –r –s – To remove the surprise, read-just documents and device attribute from c:ootcd bcd.old – To rename the file BCD.bootrec /rebuildbcd – To install the files from the installation disc.

Once these actions are completed, the adhering to message will pop up on the screen

successfully scanned windows installations.complete figured out windows installations: 1<1> c:windowsadd installation to boot list? Y/N/A

Type "Y" (Yes) to answer that question and also click "Enter" now to complete the operation and also repair the BCD. All you have to perform now is to rebegin your system and also proceed through home windows normally.

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2. Using the Third-party partition tool (simple)

There is a a lot much easier way to restore/ repair your BCD to deal with the complete determined windows installations 0 error. Just use third party software application to make things less complicated. The AOMEI Partitions Assistant comes in extremely handy in this instance by making the procedure so simple that anyone who deserve to repair their BCD.

Step 1: Install and also launch the AOMEI software.

You deserve to search on Google for "AOMEI Partition Assistant" and also install the software application. Once set up, launch the software by double-clicking it.

Tip 2: Using the AOMEI software to repair BCD

Once you launch the software program, just click on the System drive partition out of the list easily accessible on the screen and pick the disk operation "Redevelop MBR" (Master Boot Record).


This will open up a window that allows you pick which MBR type you require for the current operating system and then click apply on the height best edge of the screen.



Once this is done, simply click "Proceed" to begin the procedure. This reinstalls the absent documents in your BCD definition it runs a company as usual.

Method 3: Repair Registry Entries

This technique likewise provides the boot disk to repair the important records on the PC.

Step 1 - Once aobtain usage the following measures to open the command also prompt on when you rebegin the system

"Repair your computer" > "Troubleshoot" > "Command also Prompt"

Step 2 - First we have to uncover our which partition holds the system registries. For that, we have to use the complying with commands.

diskcomponent > list vol


In the over image, the partition is "Volume 2". Once it is done, kind the command "exit" and then click on "Enter".

1. Now use the below command also to copy the vital registry records from the boot.

xcopy c:windowssystem32config egback c:windowssystem32config

This will certainly prompt an overwrite question if it is to all the folders (Default, Sam, Security, Software, and system) or not via an "(Yes/No/All) question. Now type the command "A "for All and also click on "Enter". This will copy all the vital files and also you simply should restart your system currently to resume as normal.

Equipment 4: Reinstall Windows 10

This is a sure-swarm means to attend to the trouble but have to be taken into consideration the last option as it totally wipes your mechanism operating drive.

Tip 1 - Use the Windows 10 bootable USB drive or a DVD and also adjust the BIOS boot order accordingly and also restart the COMPUTER. Once on the windows set up a web page, select the compelled language from options, and also click "Next" to take you to the installation web page.


Tip 2 - Now enter the activation vital in the home window available and also click on "Next". Now select the operating system from the list accessible and click "Next" to finish the installation procedure.

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The Bottom Line

With the over accessible alternatives to save us from the dreaded five letter error "total determined windows installations 0" that prevents us from making use of our Computers, it is relaxing to recognize that a few people are working to make the work of repairing our devices a lot simpler than it normally is and for that, we think the AOMEI partition assistant is the the majority of easy and also simplest way to seek assistance from. Not only is it basic to usage but it is developed maintaining in mind that not every perchild using electronic devices is tech-savvy" so anyone have the right to usage it.