Borderlands 2 crash on load

So often, games and also DLC are released with small bugs and problems, which reason some games to crash and freeze. A lot of the moment, this can be down to basic concerns through your very own console or its compatibility via the game. Sometimes, but, they are prevalent issues and also bugs which many kind of other gamers are also suffering. Whether your game is freezing up on you, crashing mid game, not loading correctly, or game-play is lagging/disrupted – we are right here to assist.

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This guide is ssuggest designed to assist solve prevalent problems which arise via some games, we are happy to sell any type of help to those of you that can be enduring problems. So, if any type of of the listed below worries relate to you, feel complimentary to comment below and also we shall check out if others are enduring the very same trouble and also if anyone has a solution.

Easy Fixes For Issues which may current themselves through Borderlands 2:

1: “Borderlands 2 Error Blog post : Disc is Un-readable”

If during gameplay of ‘Borderlands 2’ the game crashes with the “Disc Unreadable” error message on your games consingle then tbelow are a couple of points which you deserve to execute to deal with the trouble. This solution is just dependable for; XBox One, XBox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U

Solution: Eject the disc and also offer it a clean, it is unmost likely that a DVD or BLU-ray disc would certainly scrape itself previous destruction so the error might be through a dirty disc lens or ssuggest dust on the disc itself. Get a dry soft cloth and also relocate amethod any dust or debris which the ‘Borderlands 2’ disc may have. If tbelow is a perfect circular scratch running all the way around the disc then this is a Laser Burn and is a prevalent issue through DVD Discs.

Fixing a Laser Burn: A laser burn will reason your game to crash, freeze and not fill the game at all. Tright here is no straightforward solution to resolving a Laser Burn as the note travels so deep via the disc it often reasons irreversible damages. You can try taking it to your local game keep if they have actually a disc buffer which will hopefully buff the note out. If this falls short borrow a friends copy of ‘Borderlands 2’, Install the game, and then try your damaged disc to see if the game will fill. If the game loads as soon as it is mounted it will certainly not require the disc so much as you play.

GUIDE : Check out our finish guide on exactly how to solve un-readable discs and also laser burns.

If the game does not require a Disc and also it runs off a pre set up file which is located on a hard drive (Example: The PS VITA) then the fault may lie with a corrupt installation file. To encertain that this is not the case be certain to try and also re-install the game or re-downfill the game and also attempt aacquire. This will certainly settle any type of problems which are linked with a negative install.

2: “Borderlands 2 freezing on loading my conserve file”

If your ‘Borderlands 2’ game is freezing on the loading screen just after you fill your previous safe then this might indicate that either tbelow is a fault through your difficult drive or via the save file itself. It is an annoyance but save documents can become corrupt if you revolve off your consingle while it is saving your progression. Once you start to conserve or throughout the auto-save duration DO NOT switch the consingle off. Doing so will certainly lead to your conserve file a lot of likely becoming corrupt, un readable and also un fixable.

GUIDE: How To Format Your XBox One Hard-Drive / How To Style Your PS4 Hard-Drive

Solution: There is no actual method of resolving a corrupt conserve file. However before some gamers have actually suggested that if you clear your mechanism cache then it will certainly allow you to load the conserve file. Also you can effort to revert back to an previously conserve file prior to your game was corrupted. If you think that the conserve file is not the case and it may be your hard-drive. Attempt to transport the conserve file by utilizing a memory card to one more hard-drive and also attempt to ‘Borderlands 2’ save on an additional consingle.

GUIDE: Complete Guide on Preventing Corrupt Data and Save Files

3: “Borderlands 2 lagging errors and also worries.

Although ‘Lag” seems to be the number one problem in today’s online gaming it is not constantly the blame of the game. Just because your ‘Borderlands 2’ game is lagging does not mean that your game is faulty. When playing virtual Lag is the fault of a poor connection to the internet. Tright here are various various components which may cause you to endure lag while your gaming through your friends.

Solution: If you don’t generally endure lag then there might be an concern with your service provider. You can call your company provider and also they will explain if they are suffering any type of sort of faults on your line. Failing this if you are running a Wi-Fi link you may want to try and also usage a wired connection making use of a high rate Ethernet cable. It is most most likely that it is one more member of your family which is downloading somepoint or visually streaming content from websites such as YouTube and Facebook which will certainly decrease your bandwidth and also inevitably make your ‘Borderlands 2’ game lag.

GUIDE: How To Test Your Internet Connection / Recommfinished Web Providers For Gaming

4: “Cant Connect to Borderlands 2 Online / Multiplayer / Server.

If you are confronted via a connection concern with any games and also you cannot attach to the online features of ‘Borderlands 2’ then the fault might lie with your connection. Even though you are virtual are you sure you are not behind a firewall? Or perhaps your console or computer is restricting you accessibility to the server because of a safety lock. Another possibility is that your existing variation of the game is not up to date and also is bring about an concern.

Solution: First points first, be sure to inspect that your running the correct variation of the game. If you’re game is out of day then it sindicate may require an upday or patch to usage aget.To perform this ssuggest update the game through the games servers and also attempt to attach to ‘Borderlands 2’ aacquire. If this still does not work-related be sure to rerelocate any kind of firewall which might prevent you from connecting to the server. If you are not behind a firewall and also be sure to inspect the assistance area of ‘Borderlands 2’ to view if they are having any kind of issues through their server. If they are having difficulties and also the server is dvery own I intend it’s time to play the waiting game.

5: “Borderlands 2 DLC Code Not Valid / Alall set Been Redeemed”

If you managed to pre order ‘Borderlands 2’ or bought the restricted edition or collector’s edition and also the codes carry out not work then it might be a minor fault through the game itself or probably the fault of the place of purchase.

Solution: If you purchased a retail copy of ‘Borderlands 2’ and the code was not valid there are a couple of points that you could do. If the game was sealed and the code is saying that it is not valid then be certain to double examine that you have actually gotten in the correct code. If after checking it is still not functioning simply e-mail the customer assistance team for the game and also they will be happy to help you. However you will need a picture of both the game and also proof of purchase. If the code has actually already been reunderstood and also you are not able to obtain your additional content or digital pass working then please be sure to examine out our DLC Code Guides which will offer you a selection of different options to fix the problem.

GUIDE : Soutions For DLC Codes That Do Not Work

6: “No Sound In ‘Borderlands 2’.”

Problems with sound are incredibly rarely the fault of the game disc and can be fixed in many methods. If you are having any troubles via sound as soon as playing ‘Borderlands 2’ then there are a few procedures you have the right to take to ensure that the difficulty is not a user error and it maybe a fault with your game disc.

Solution: To solve sound issues with ‘Borderlands 2’ then be certain to inspect all of the relationships between the TV and console. If the connections are okay then you deserve to try and relocation any kind of wires which you might think have become damaged. If you have reinserted the wires and also you are still unable to hear anypoint from the game then it might be a fault through the game disc. As lengthy as it is still under warranty then the retailer will be happy to change the game for an additional copy.

7: Is My Gamings Console or PC Faulty? What Can I Do?

If you have attemped every one of the reloccasion fixes over and also you’re still having issues through your game then there is a chance that your console maybe faulty. Faulty consoles are a nightmare to attend to yet once you have actually the appropriate mindset and the correct expertise then it isnt such a bvarious other.

Solution: If you strongly think your consingle is faulty then be certain to check to see if you’re still covered. Many consoles come with a standard manufacturers warranty. This entitles you to a repair or exchange on the console from the area in which you purchased the console. Sometimes the developers deserve to additionally help wtih a replacement console. As lengthy as you are within your warranty time then feel cost-free to contact the provider. If you purchased the console online then it is even easier to look for a replacement.

Guide: Console Warranty Explained / Gamers Guide To Online Refunds and also Returns


1: Borderlands 2 success not unlocking.

It is the many frustrating point – When you have operated soo tough on an achievment and also they perform not unlock. However before tbelow are a few quick and basic tips on exactly how you can proccasion this from happening.

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Solution: If you ever enrespond to this fault with ‘Borderlands 2’ we recommfinish you rebegin the consingle and also inspect for ‘Borderlands 2‘ updates which may be obtainable through virtual. If your game is presently as much as day then be sure to check out the customer support and also inform them of any faults choose this. You may not be the just one to suffer it.

GUIDE: XBox One Achievements Not Unlocking

2: ‘Borderlands 2’ Xbox One Graphic/Visual Bugs

If you are experiencing visual issues and graphic bugs then this might be a few reasons.

Solution: Be sure to make certain that your HDMI cable is put fully to encertain that is not the difficulty. Also be sure to monitor exactly how warm your console is, if your console is overheating this could pave the means for unmeant console restarts and also graphic glitches.

3: Xbox One turning off throughout ‘Borderlands 2’

As stated above, if the Xbox One is running hot then it will certainly warn the gamer and if it is unable to cool down will then be required to power down to proccasion future damage. A console shutting dvery own have the right to likewise be brought about by your power plug. If you want to encertain that your console is healthy then try unplugging your console and also jacking it in somewhere else. This will certainly hopetotally melted more light on what the concern is.

Solution: Make certain that your consingle is in a well ventilated area with a several room to breathe. Make certain that every one of the exhaust fans are not clogged up via any dust or worse. Once your console has actually turned off, leave it off for about two hours before attempting to restart it. If you proceed to run the console while it is overheating you hazard causing permanent hardware damages which would not be spanned by the warranty.

GUIDE: XBox One Overheating Solution and Cleaning Guide

If you’re worried around your XBox One and are wondering if you’re entitresulted in an exchange or repair then please go back to the place of purchase through your receipt and comply through their keep policies in order to gain an exchange.

4: Xbox One Kinect not working and does not recognise ‘Borderlands 2’

As cool as the Kinect 2.0 is on Xbox One, gamers have actually reported numerous issues which proccasion games from loading, working properly and also worse. Before we continue please be certain to double examine that ‘Borderlands 2’ is compatible through the Xbox One Kinect.

Solution: If you are still struggling with any type of faults with the Kinect then attempt to restart the console in order for the Kinect to reboot and sync correctly with ‘Borderlands 2’. Be sure to update your Xbox One console so it has every one of the vital Kinect one updays. If this still stops working you then you need to call a Microsoft representative that can assist you. Perhaps they deserve to send you out a new functioning unit.

5: XBox One Wont Upday ‘Borderlands 2’

The XBox One has an remarkable capacity which allows it to automatically update your latest games upon launch. This indicates that developers will release updates over time which will certainly aid via bugs and fixes, crashing errors, balance problems and also additionally add added content. Sometimes due to client in-compatibility you will not have the ability to play digital and use some particular attributes.

Solution: Ensure that your XBox One is associated to the internet. This will certainly permit for it to immediately downfill the latest upday for ‘Borderlands 2’. Sometimes inadequate space on your hard drive may be the issue so ensure tbelow is enough on your XBox One. If the game has no automatic update feature easily accessible then even more than likely you will uncover it in the game settings. If your XBox one will certainly not update then please be certain to check your internet link.

GUIDE : How To Get The Latest Updays and also Patches


1: ‘Borderlands 2’ trophies not unlocking.

Sometimes Trophies may not unlock while completing that epic boss battle or racing for the fastest time. If you ever before encounter this fault with ‘Borderlands 2’ we recommend you rebegin the console and inspect for any type of updates which may be obtainable using online. Double examine that your link through Playstation Netoccupational is fluid and without fault. Some games require you to be online for particular trophies to unlock.

Solution: Sometimes trophies can be effected by a multitude of concerns such as running the latest upday of the game, link issues via the internet or simply a sly bug still running within the game in which the developer has yet to settle.

GUIDE: How To Fix Playterminal 4 Trophies Not Unlocking

2: Playstation 4 Turning Off and also Crashing During ‘Borderlands 2’

Sometimes once a console crash or sindicate turns off it have the right to be miscellaneous problems. However before the significant culprit is overheating. Consoles run hot for lengths of time and also without the correct treatment can reason crashes and sometimes permanant damages. If you experience this while playing ‘Borderlands 2’ on Playstation 4. We have a few tricks that might conserve the day.

Solution: Before anypoint be certain to attach to Playterminal Network and downpack any current or new updates for both the PS4 and ‘Borderlands 2’. Follow our overheating guide which will permit you to clean your console and also rerelocate any type of debris which might be resulting in the fault. If this stops working to work-related it may be a damaged save file or tough drive indevelopment. Begin a brand new game on ‘Borderlands 2’ or alternatively you have the right to perform a complete system restart in order to fix any kind of hard-drive issues.

GUIDE: Overheating Playterminal 4 Cleaning Guide / How To Factory Recollection A Playterminal 4

3: Playterminal 4 Wont Update ‘Borderlands 2’

It is important to run the latest upday of the games accessible today. Developers will release updates over time which will assist with bugs and fixes, crashing errors, balance problems and also additionally add additional content. Sometimes because of client in-compatibility you will certainly not be able to play virtual and also use some certain functions.

Solution: Ensure that your Playterminal 4 is associated to the internet. This will permit for it to instantly download the latest update for ‘Borderlands 2’. If the game has actually no automatic upday function obtainable then even more than likely you will discover it in the game settings. If your Playterminal 4 will certainly not update then please be certain to check your internet connection.

GUIDE : How To Get The Latest Updays and also Patches


1: STEAM Wont Upday ‘Borderlands 2’

It is crucial to run the latest update of the games accessible this particular day. Developers will release updates over time which will assist with bugs and also fixes, crashing errors, balance concerns and additionally add additional content. Sometimes as a result of client in-compatibility you will certainly not have the ability to play virtual and also usage some particular attributes.

Solution: Ensure that your COMPUTER is connected to the internet. This will certainly allow for it to automatically download the latest upday for ‘Borderlands 2’. If the game has no automatic update feature accessible then more than likely you will discover it in the game settings. If your Steam Client will certainly not update then please be sure to inspect your internet connection.

GUIDE : How To Get The Latest Updays and Patches

2: ‘Borderlands 2’ Is Crashing On STEAM

PC’s are periodically awkward to obtain ideal. Due to their big amount of changeable componants sometimes incompatibility in between devices can sometimes impact your PC. Or probably your Graphics Card is not fairly as powerful as you would certainly favor it to be. Regardless of the issue if you’re suffering freezing, stuttering or crashing on ‘Borderlands 2’ then we have the right to help.

Other Errors And Issues :

“My copy of ‘Borderlands 2‘ is crashing on the pack display screen.”

“My copy of ‘Borderlands 2’ is freezing.”

“My conserve game of ‘Borderlands 2′ is corrupted and I can’t find my data.”

“I am enduring glitches in ‘Borderlands 2’, exactly how do I Patch it?”

If any kind of of these problems seem acquainted to you, then please comment below! We won’t have the ability to release an update or patch, yet the more people that make us aware of these worries, the simpler it is for us to educate developers of widespread concerns, or at least find ways to assist you counteract them.

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So if you are having actually trouble with ‘Borderlands 2’ regardmuch less of platdevelop (e.g Xbox One / Xbox360 / PS4 / PS3 / Wii / PC / 3DS / Vita) then short article the issue listed below and tell us about the difficulty. Also if you have actually controlled to settle certain problems then please be sure to post listed below via just how you resolved the problem.